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Memorize Resources

Here are some great resources on memorization in addition to our popular post and memory tool for memorizing verbatim text.  If you like this collection, please consider signing up for the daily email or rss feed.

  • Memorizing LinesGrace Fleming Looks at how to decrease the effort of memorization by including multiple senses. A combination of sound, sight and emotions can do wonders. Steps are provided to include each sense organ.
  • Strategies to Improve Memorization – Joni Rose Different techniques to help you remember better. This simple article covers a lot of different ideas in memory technique.
  • Memorize This – 7 Ways to Memorize Anything! – Gideon Addington Each of us are unique and have different ways to memorize data. The author has detailed about 7 different techniques one can commit to memory. The method offered in the article focuses on learning languages with ease.
  • How to memorize a book – ewonk Most of us are good at remembering stories that we hear or read. The concept behind this is the ability of our brain to remember things when we visualize. The article gives some techniques to make this fun and easy. Not only can you use this method to memorize words but also other basics like addresses.
  • How to Memorize AnythingJohn Place This article talks about the method John uses to memorize. The technique used has helped the author to memorize 23,000 words of Psychology text. The author has some tips for keeping the brain from getting stressed out while memorizing.
  • How to Memorize a PoemSheila Hageman This article offers some fun and helpful tips for anyone that needs to memorize poetry for school, for a speech, or simply just for fun! Short poems that have a regular rhyme scheme are often the easiest and most enjoyable to commit to memory. Another thing that helps keep the information in a person’s memory is reading over the material before going to sleep!
  • How to Memorize LinesHowcast This particular article is presented to the reader in video form. This short film gives the reader step-by-step instructions to successfully memorizing lines for play performances and other various performances that require memorization of text.
  • How to Memorize Using Mnemonic DevicesBook Rags This article talks about something that we often hear about in our classes in grade school. This method, which uses mnemonics to aid memorization, is very affective outside of grade school, as well. Any student or public speaker could use this type of a memorization aid to keep their thoughts organized in an effective manner.
  • How to Memorize Using NotecardsBook Rags Throughout all the years of a student’s schooling, the notecard method is often suggested to students as an effective way to memorize large amounts of information. Somehow, seeing information in this manner allows the reader to see the information in such a way that it enters into memory faster than a person would think.
  • 10 Sure Fire Techniques to Memorize AnythingStudy Skills This article summarized 10 different ways that a person can commit information to memory. These methods are some of the most tried and true that are available for someone that needs a bit of help while studying, preparing for public speaking, or any other activity that requires the use of information recalled from memory.
  • How We RememberCalifornia Polytechnic State University Student Academic Services In this article, the author explores not just how to remember, but the reasons behind why we remember information that we put in front of ourselves. The answers to effective memorization lie in what the brain does when it receives the input of this information. The article also points out that it is very helpful to see the information from as many different angles as possible.
  • Memory TechniquesStrategies for Success In this particular article, the author discusses the differences in how various people learn. The two main types or ways of learning are through the auditory and visual channels. Visual learners are usually the ones that benefit greatly from taking extensive notes and auditory learners tend to gain knowledge the best by listening.
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