65 Ways to Attract, Impress & Seduce Nerdy Girls

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It is really hard to attract/impress a nerdy girl because she is nerd but with these tips in this guide you can learn how to attract & impress nerdy girls.

  1. Approach her alone


    Nerdy girls are generally not the most popular individuals in school. Most nerds have more than likely encountered more than their share of teasing by more popular “cool” kids. A nerdy girl may have her guard up when you try to approach her. Approaching her with your friends will likely only cause her to raise her guard higher. Seek out times to talk to her when you are away from your friends to keep her suspicions down.

  2. Take part in common activities


    Show the nerdy girl that you are really interested in her by supporting activities she cares about. If she is on the debate team, show up for the debate. If she is in a math or science club, go to the competition. If she is volunteering as a tutor, volunteer as one yourself.

  3. Befriend her friends


    Most girls hold a lot of stock in what their friends think. You may have lowered her defenses, but if her nerdy friends disapprove, you may find yourself stopped dead in your tracks. Hang out with her friends and be supportive of their activities, even if they are not your forte. Before you know it, more than one of the nerdy girls may be looking your way.

  4. Work out


    Looks are not the most important thing for guys to attract girls, but it defiantly helps. Make sure you have a nice body that girls will be attracted too.

  5. When girls talk to you


    Whether you are interested or not, be very flirtatious and nice. This will get more girls to take to you when they see how friendly you are with other girls.

  6. Act like you’re the coolest guy around


    Be outgoing, very flirtatious, and funny. Girls like confident guys. You won’t be able to keep all the girls off of you!

  7. Dress to get their attention


    Whether you want to believe it or not, you are what you wear in the eyes of a teenage girl. This may sound shallow but is still mostly true. The clothes you wear, your grooming and hygiene are important because they sum up who you are in a glance. Make sure that what you wear matches your personality as much as possible.

  8. Take care of your body

    Once again the focus here is on how you look. You will be much more appealing to your girl if you take care of your physique. It may be hard to keep yourself on a healthy diet but try as best as you can. You can also exercise as much as possible by doing sit-ups, pushups, playing sports and going for jogs or walks.

  9. Find common bonds


    While you are finding out about a girl, point out some of your common interests. Make sure that you don’t agree with her or say you like something you don’t for the sake of having something in common. Telling the truth in these situations will take you much further down the road of attraction than a lie will.

  10. Stand out from the crowd


    You don’t have to always be the leader of your clique, but you should know who you are and not allow others to control you. Having a talent, skill, or personality trait that helps you to stand out from other guys will help you to grab a girl’s attention. Once they are paying attention to you, they will notice the value that you present in being different from others.

  11. Get out into society


    If you sit around waiting for love to fall into your lap, no one will know you exist. Instead, become a part of local projects, join clubs, and go to the gym. The more that you develop a social network, the more comfortable and confident you will feel around people.

  12. Steer clear of bragging


    Steer clear of bragging. No one likes to hear someone brag, regardless of how amazing you actually are.

  13. Have something interesting to say

    Have something interesting to say

    Read a book, newspaper, magazine or blog everyday. If you have something topical to spark a conversation with, you can potentially avoid awkward silences and allow the people around you to feel more comfortable.

  14. Be sincere and interested


    When talking to someone, be sincere and interested in what they have to say. If you are not interested, find an aspect of the conversation that does interest you and concentrate on that. Everyone wants to know that they are being heard and they will develop a special bond with anyone they feel a kinship of ideas with.

  15. Be fashionable and cool


    Learn to be fashionable and cool by studying television programs and magazines to understand what is fashionable. Create your own style; if you lack creativity, borrow ideas on how to dress and act (to some extent) from popular figures such as singers, actors, or other personalities. DON’T BE ARROGANT!!

  16. Feign disinterest


    Be aloof, calm, and composed, but not rude. Although you should care about women, events, and other news, don’t appear overly excited, worried, or desperate. “Never let them see you sweat.”

  17. Be informed


    Read and watch the news; pay attention to popular events -not to the point of becoming a nerd (overly informed to the point of obsession). All women want a man that is cool and smart. Even if you have low intelligence, staying informed will allow you to at least appear smart.

  18. Pay attention to details about the girl


    What kind of shoes she wears, perfume, hair color, and eye color…all these things will help you in the long run. The more you can remember now, the easier it will be in the long run.

  19. Just get to know her at first


    Be flirty, but don’t get creepy. Don’t ask stupid questions about the weather or sports, unless it’s quite evident that she loves sports.

  20. Give her a flower each time you see her


    Try giving her a rose, a daisy or her favorite flower before your date. This sweet gesture shows that you don’t need a special holiday to show her some affection.

  21. Watch the sunrise together


    Enjoying nature together shows her that you want her by your side to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

  22. Take long walks together


    Take long walks together and ask her about her goals and dreams in life. At the end of the walk, plan a surprise picnic and enjoy the sunset.

  23. Be a good listener


    A girl needs to know that you care about the things that she says. Ask her about what she likes to do, or about her favorite movies or books.

  24. Be there for her


    When she has had a rough day. Allow her to vent about her coworkers, friends or family. She will love that you care about the things that happen in her life.

  25. Be chivalrous


    Open doors for her. Offer her your coat or jacket if she is cold. Carry heavy objects for her, such as her books. Hold the umbrella for her if it is raining. Run and get the car for her so she doesn’t have to walk through bad weather. These simple acts show her that you will go out of your way to make sure that she is comfortable and that you are taking care of her needs.

  26. Make her laugh


    Most girls love guys who have a sense of humor. She will want to spend time with you if she knows that you can make her smile.

  27. Keep some distance from her sometimes

    Don’t be too available. Try skipping a day before you respond to her e-mail or to a text message. Once in awhile, you can even say that you aren’t available to go on a date with her. Give her an opportunity to miss you.

  28. Pay attention


    Make sure to give your girl eye contact, especially when she’s speaking to you. Don’t go overboard and creepily leer into her eyes, but do stay focused on her. If you start looking around the room it will look like you’d rather be anyplace else than with her.

  29. Ask her questions

    Most people love to talk about themselves, so give her that option. Keep the questions light and casual and back off a subject if she clams up and reacts negatively. Don’t go prying into her deep, dark past and steer clear of the obvious “Where do you work” kind of topics. Some fun questions could be “What kind of animal would you want to be?” “What achievement has made you most proud?” and “What’s your biggest pet peeve in society?”

  30. Talk about things she likes

    If your girl is an expert or passionate about a certain subject, make that one of the conversation’s topics. She’ll feel comfortable talking about something she knows and you may even learn something.

  31. Compliment her


    Tell her how wonderful she looks and how happy you are to be on a date with her. This will boost her confidence and make her feel good.

  32. Watch your distance

    Give your girl plenty of space so she doesn’t feel suffocated by your presence. This doesn’t mean you have to sit across the room, but don’t crowd next to her, touch her constantly or stand right in her face. Her body language will let you know if you are getting too close as she will stiffen and become stilted.

  33. Play it cool


    Act like you are okay with her decision to leave. Don’t behave like a pathetic, blubbering mess of desperation. Be the person she wants to be with.

  34. Ignore her, but not completely

    Don’t answer the phone on the first ring if she calls, and try to seem like you are busy if she suggests meeting. Don’t let on if you are moping around the house for her to make crazy.

  35. It’s hard but you have to


    You have to be interested in what she has to say. Don’t act crazy about it, but excited about it. Even if its something you don’t like, you have to act excited about it like you do enjoy it. Just be interested and show your excitement by asking questions.

  36. Don’t let her think


    Don’t let her think you’re talking to her to get into her pants. Always treat her with the same respect you would with your best friend. Pretend she is a best friend but you know she wants you. Let her feel that confidence ooze out of you.

  37. Let her know


    Let her know how great you are by always giving her reasons to why she should be talking to you. Sometimes if you are just a little different, new and fresh from all the other idiots, you can succeed easily.

  38. Whenever you talk to her


    Whenever you talk to her, seem partially interested in conversation with her. Not rudely uninterested, but enough that it makes her want to talk to you more.

  39. Impression on her the last time you see her

    Say something that makes her think. Say something that is kind of confusing, like one of those things that drives you crazy if you can’t think of it.

  40. Don’t seem too enthusiastic about things

    If she says something like, “Okay, well I’ll see you tomorrow”, answer with a nonchalant “Later”. Don’t be all byes! Just take everything easy when you’re around her.

  41. Have excellent hygiene


    No girl would go out with a dude that looks like a hobo. Brush your teeth 3 times a day and use mouthwash for extra freshness. Floss every other day thoroughly. Use deodorant to make you smell fresh. Take a shower every day so that you don’t smell. Keep your finger and toenails clipped and well groomed.

  42. In general

    Girl is much more perceptive and search out for personality more than just good looks. This is fortunate for most men because, let’s face it, we’re kind of rough looking. However, rough is good, it attitudes to strength and reliability it shows that you care more important things than looks. So if you look rough, that’s fine. Just don’t look like a pansy.

  43. Keep a control on your emotions


    You must be proactive rather than being reactive to her actions This will be a real test of your skills and this is where you should be able to control your emotions and not fall into her trap. When you give her different responses which other guys would not, she would really start thinking about you.

  44. Make her miss you


    Nothing will make her go more crazy than this very tip right here. You see you should never be too available to the girl and you should try to make her miss you as much as possible. You see this automatically makes you a rare commodity and she would have a hard time not to think about you.

  45. Make her jealous


    Now this might be a bit dirty but sure does work all the time. If you feel that the girl is playing a bit too hard to get you must instantly quit paying any attention to her and move on to other girls. Show her that you do not take any non sense and you would never chase her no matter what.

  46. If you want to keep your girlfriend

    You have to start paying close attention to everything she says. Women love men who are intuitive and understand what they are feeling. Obviously you can’t read her mind but you can get a lot of insight into what she’s thinking by listening to the things that are important to her. A woman is taken back when a man asks her pointed questions about things in her life.

  47. Make small talk about her job

    Be specific when you do, asking her about a project she mentioned or a co-worker she was having friction with. She’ll be amazed that you remembered those small details and it will make her feel as though you are truly focused only on her that make her crazy.

  48. If you want to make your girlfriend crazy

    Be open about your life. If she asks you a question don’t just give her a one word answer. Elaborate and share. Women love this – it makes them feel as though you trust them and want to include them in your life.

  49. You can also

    Make your girlfriend crazy if you ask her opinion about things. It doesn’t matter if it’s something small or large. Just including her will make her feel as though she’s the most important person in your life. She wants to be included in helping you decide things, so allow her that.

  50. Everything is visible via your personality

    Looks might not count to woman that much as much as a guy’s personality does. Now personality is not only about the way you carry yourself it’s also about the way you groom. You might not be good-looking but you need to look at least neat and tidy in your dressing sense and should be presentable enough.

  51. Have a standard


    You should be worth it in order to get her to chase you. Remember physical aspects might not matter to women as much as you’re standard as a human being does. Always keep your standards high and learn to have a healthy respect for yourself.

  52. Don’t be desperate

    Never give the impression that you are desperate or needy to get a girl friend even when you are. You see once a female gets to know that you are needy she would instantly start keeping distance.

  53. Be exceptionally interesting


    Now let’s come down to the matter of looks. Yes looks do matter to females but it only constitutes ten percent of your overall personality. You see women don’t care what you look like if you have a very interesting personality and have something special to offer to women. Women like to see someone who can keep them amused rather than someone who is boring.

  54. Teasing


    It’s always good to start the whole act with tender teasing and playing around with your partner. Women tend to enjoy affection and like their bodies being stimulated slow and gentle. So take it slow and start with slight teasing and soft kissing on the sensitive parts of the body such as the neck.

  55. Tickle


    Nothing can make a girl go totally crazy than tickling. This is the best form of physical stimulation and girls absolutely love it. Try to gently rub your fingertips all throughout her body but not actually touching it completely. To be a master in love making you need to stimulate your partner’s desire and let it be a mutual thing than only you trying hard out. Never rush it too much rather take it slow and let things happen automatically.

  56. Give her what she wants


    Girls often have a different thought and men tend to do something else. Therefore it is very important to be aware of her needs and give her what she pleases. If she demands more foreplay give it to her. It normally tends to double their curiosity and desire which provides you with double pleasure.

  57. The Right Kind Of Compliments

    You always compliment a woman on the things that make her unique. Sometimes it just helps to ask you why. “You look beautiful” Why does she look so beautiful? She looks beautiful because of that hot skirt she has on. What you do then is compliment her on her skirt. “I love that hot red skirt you’re wearing. It really makes you stand out from the rest of the girls.”

  58. Your Social Skills


    One way to really wow her is by being a great conversationalist. When you show her that you can talk to her about a wide range of topics it helps her feel a deeper connection with you. She will also feel proud to introduce such a great conversationalist to her friends and family.

  59. Your Appearance


    What you should do is look at how you dress, your fitness level, your hair, and your body language. The idea is to improve yourself in these areas so that you do look your best. This can help you feel more confident about yourself, and it helps leave a more positive first impression.

  60. A girl is not attracted for logical reasons

    I know this sounds obvious, but men will still pursue a girl in a way that is logical. You have to make a girl feel something for you.

  61. Demonstrate a strong inner belief in yourself


    This is another key factor which you must master in order to get girls to like you. Girls are naturally attracted to guys who have a strong personality and tend to trust themselves more than anyone else out there. You must be very comfortable being the way you are and remain unaffected by the things around you.

  62. Make her value your presence

    A lot of guys out there do the opposite of this and try to make the girl feel as if she is the queen of the world only because she is good-looking. Doing this would only boost the girl’s ego to massive extents. Always remember that the girl feels strong attraction towards the man who she has to please and not the one who pleases her all the time.

  63. Give out mixed signals

    Girls would go crazy after you as long as you can keep them guessing and they have to think very deeply about every single thing you say. You see she would always be highly interested in you as long as you keep her on her toes and make her work for every second she spends around you.

  64. Be the First and the Last

    This is quite easy in the digital world. Send her SMS or MMS messages first thing in the morning to wake her up and at the end of the day as you say goodnight. She will get addicted to you in no time.

  65. Make Her Dependent On You


    During rainy days make sure you bring her an umbrella. It is not enough that you fetch her over with a car but to really come down and bring it over to where she is. Small things like this works like a charm.

  66. Get a decent wardrobe


    You don’t have to look perfect, but you have to look nice. If you can’t get afford all of the latest fashions, get some clothes that never go out of style.

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