Did You Know Facts About The Sun #2

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We humans tend to take certain things for granted and the Sun is one of those. Here are some lesser known facts about the Sun

The density of the matter at sun's core is about 150 times the density of water in the earth


The sun's north magnetic pole becomes a south pole, and vice versa.


When all the Hydrogen has been burned, the Sun will continue for about 130 million more years, burning Helium, during which time it will expand to the point that it will engulf Mercury and Venus and the Earth.


If a drop sized matter from the core of the sun is placed on the surface of the Earth, no living organism will survive for a distance of 150 km from that drop


If a hollow Sun was filled up with spherical Earths then around 960,000 would fit inside. The Sun is 4.6 Billion Years Old


The sun has circled the milkyway galaxy for about 20 times only since its formation


There is a stream of charged particles, which travels through the Solar System at approximately 450 kilometres per second. Solar wind occurs where the magnetic field of the Sun extends into space instead of following its surface.


The Light takes 5.5 hours to travel from Sun to Pluto and only 8 minutes to Earth


Unlike the earth, there is no solid surface on the Sun.


At the Sun’s core, energy is generated by nuclear fusion, as Hydrogen converts to Helium. Because hot objects generally expand, the Sun would explode like a giant bomb if it weren’t for its enormous gravitational force.


The rotation period in the equator is about 25 days, whereas in the polar regions it is as high as 36 days.
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