Pictures of Real Status of World and Best Comments of It From Facebook Fans

Thinking is difficult, that is why most people judge
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These images were used from Facebook and many fans were self engaged and best comments are listed here read them carefully and start thinking

Your words reflect your intelligence and might kill you


World doesn't care about a woman with higher knowledge, all it cares about beauty


We put too much of ourselves to the public display, There is no privacy when you are pinned to a newsfeed blog


This is the most stupid thing in this world, why there are people who always want to change someone just to accept that person as a friend, cant they just learn that we have different point of view but we have one goal the world always judge based on race, money, religion and color and i hate it


Too many videos of stupidiy or heinous acts being recorded by us and Not helping the Victim


Try to flip the hour glass, then you can have all that money while you are sleeping and that happens when you have others working for your dreams not you working for others TV Media are brainwashing you preventing from thinking


We have no choice when we are born, through our names and religions, we are labeled immediately after birth


Technology bring us close to those far from us, taking away those close to us


She is a prostitute but people don't care that even a prostitute have heart and to become prostitute she has to eat her heart first


Priorities matter


People that have money wish for family and people that have family wish for money, people are never satisfied always wishing for what they don't have


Our Social life is with our phones not people


Kids are not playing anymore smartphone and all this gadgets are much important to them, its good that i had a very nice childhood without these things, and all we had was friendship


Its seems like he's thirsty for praises


It means she can only choose one She can't have everything she wants in a man


Facebook is eating your time and You're the victim
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