Things You Should Try Before You Die #1

Crazy ways to Enjoy your life, make yourself more exciting because you are going to spend a lot of time alone, so make your self an interesting person

Travel alone to some where you have never been before, probably your phone is enough to guide you any where, it will make you trust in yourself more
Travel solo, alone


Try going to a restaurant by yourself, alone make an order have a soup, eat well
Try a nice restaurant by yourself


Try a new Hobby, Yeah gaming is boring, get out take some photos or collect stamps, try writing your own story, pretty good huh
Try a new hobby


Learn to fight, Karate Kungfu whatever it might save your life someday
Learn to fight


Make the first move, tell that girl you love, kiss her on the first date, Don’t waste your time
Make the first move


Get out of the city, Go in to the wild or some where not have never visited, walk alone, make a tent, stay in there enjoy, shoot photos of lovely moments, make your meal sleep happily
Live somewhere else


Fitness is must, you’re not going to be the same after few years exercise keeps you young and strong
Get Fit


Going somewhere start talking to a stranger, ask some questions get familiarized
have a long conversation with a stranger


What about a dance on the musical concert your love, yeah book that ticket have a beer, Dance dude dance
See your favorite artist


Which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, Face your fears, Life begins where fear ends
Face your biggest fears


Try internet dating, meet a girl/boy have fun
Try internet dating


Do something crazy its like Steve Said “Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do”
Do something crazy


Got a car, Bike or dude get your bicycle go on a long road trip have fun enjoy the wind
Take a Road Trip


Get some caffeine, Red-bull may be that would keep you awake whole night, sit on the beach you love, enjoy the stars more excitingly watch sun rise
Stay up until the sun rise