Fix Mixed Content Warning After Switching from HTTP to HTTPS

When you switch from HTTP to HTTPS (SSL), you may experience mixed content warning, several javascript, css & images may not be loaded as the document requested by secure HTTPS protocol but files are being requested by insecure HTTP Protocol.
In other-words your HTML Source code have resources pointing to http, those requests are being blocked

To fix this all instances of HTTP in MySQL database must be replaced with HTTPS ( with

Is it risky?
In 99% of the cases its fine, but make sure to make backup of MySQL before proceeding.

You may need your MySQL database-name, username and password details but if you’re using wordpress PHP Script will automatically detect them

Download Search & Replace Script

Extract it & upload it to your domain’s document root, rename the folder as replace, which is easy to remember and easy to use.

extract and rename search and replace

If you are not using WordPress fill MySQL databasename, MySQL username & password
in replace field enter your http website address [Ex:]
in with field enter your https website address [Ex:]

Click Update Details & then click Live run, wait for the process to finish
Search and Replace Fields

When the script finishes click Delete Me button so your website will be safe.