90 Ways to Make BF Love You More

How to Make BF Love You More

90 Ways to Make BF Love You More

Get rid of the feeling of insecurity

If you want him to love you more get rid of the feeling of insecurity whenever he is talking to any other girl. If you keep nagging him for this he may not enjoy your company any more.

Never loose your identity

Never loose your identity while you are trying to capture his attention. He may not like your changed self.

Plan a night

Plan a night for just the two of you to surprise him to his favorite place. Make all the arrangements keeping his interests in mind .This effort of yours will surely make him love more than all usual times.

Accept him as he is

You may hate certain things he might do, but if you want him to love you, you will have to accept him as he is and also accompany him in those things at times to please him or just to see him happy.

Make him feel

For making him love you it is essential that you make him feel that he is special to you. Convey to him that you will be by his side through all thinks and thin. He will feel loved and cared.

Share with him

Share with him your daily happenings in life to tell him that he means a lot to you.

Realize him

A man wants to feel as though your love makes him a better man. That makes him love you more.

Don’t act desperate

It’ll put him off. Maintain an element of mystery to keep him hooked. Give him space. Don’t cling on he’ll take u for granted. Love your self more, you won’t get disappointed.

At least once a month

Make a dating deal to go to a brand-new restaurant or take part in an activity that neither of you has tried.

Plan a night just for him

Take care of everything from the tickets to a prepaid bar tab, and give him a night for just him and his friends on your quest to make your boyfriend love you more.

Simply communicate

Simply communicating more with your boy friend, and having fun talks about things that the two of you can do with each other, can raise his loving feelings.

Keep your independence and self confidence

If you want to know how to make him want you more you really need to keep your independence and self confidence. This includes focusing on your own career and goals. Men want a woman who is interested in more than just him. If you keep your life full with many things, he’ll work that much harder to make sure he’s always a part of it.

Remember when

If you two are out at a party or social gathering, don’t watch him like a hawk. This is especially true if he’s talking to another woman.

Always be ready with sweet things to say

Always be ready with sweet things to say to your boyfriend, even if it’s as simple as “Thank you for always being there for me” or “I love you.” Take time to appreciate everything he’s done for you.

Compliment your boyfriend

Compliment your boyfriend with such statements as “You really look good tonight/today.”

Men do not like naggers

This is the reason why so many relationships fail because men could not take the agony of hearing women keeping on at them. Instead of being so negative all the time, always have some sweet things to say to your boyfriend.

Don’t try to change your boy friend

If you’re the type to try and change your boyfriend or things about him, stop that now. You should be accepting of him exactly the way he is. If he feels that you genuinely support and appreciate him, he’ll feel better about himself. That’s an ego boost to any man and it will make him crave the feeling more and more. If you’re the one supplying that feeling, he’ll want to spend as much time with you as possible.

No one likes to be pushed

No one likes to be pushed, and men are no different. The more you push, the more your boyfriend will resist you. So, be sure to give your boyfriend adequate space. When you do so, he will feel more connected to you, as he will feel the freedom of having a choice on matters.

Stay committed to your own goals and interests

If you stay committed to your own goals and interests you will be that much more interesting to your man. Men want to feel as though they are fitting into your already established life. They don’t want to become your life. Never cancel plans or rearrange your life to accommodate your boyfriend. It will result in him loving you less, not more.

If you compliment

If you compliment him on his strengths and make it clear to him that you value him, not only as a romantic partner, but also as a human being, he’ll feel emotionally connected to you. He’ll want to spend more and more time with you because you make him feel better about himself.

Buy him some

Buy him some new socks & underwear on ordinary days instead of given them as gifts on holidays or birthdays.

Don’t act desperate or needy

Your plan is to make your boyfriend love you more. Don’t act desperate or needy for his attention on you. It is not going to make you attractive. Maybe your absence can make him miss you.

Never lose your independence

Men crave to be with independent women. This means you should be making your own decisions and not looking to him for guidance.

Be your own person

You need to be your own person and have the interest that you like. You may be surprised that he may find some of those things interesting as well. You should not be annoying to him; there is no need to call him too much because he will feel like you are too much trouble to be with. It is always a good idea to be patient and do not rush things because it could scare him away.

Be yourself

You should always be yourself because trying to be something you are not is a easy way for him to see right through you and if he is the love of your life you don’t want him to leave you. For instance if he is into sports then it is ok to ask him about it and learn about it, but if you try to come off like you know everything there is to know to impress him then he will see right through it.

Cook his favorite meal

Cook him his favorite meal and give him a surprise visit at work, school or football practice.

In his birthday, or Valentine’s Day

Ask the help of his family. Sneak in his house, the living room to be exact, earlier than the time he wakes up (about two hours before). Decorate the living room with small red balloons and one big white balloon that says: I love you” Throw in red petals of roses in the whole area. Of course, be at the center.

All men do not respond positively

All men do not respond positively to women that nag them about things they said they would do but forgot to do. Or things they just never got around to doing. Be a little bit understanding with your man. Tell him how you feel when he disappoints you by not doing those things he promised he would do.

Apologizing all the time

Apologizing all the time even when it is not your fault. It is good that you know how to give in to a relationship but it has to be a limit. Apologizing to certain things that you know is not your fault will not help to solve the problems each time. Instead, if there is any misunderstanding, it should be discussed. Giving in too much to your boyfriend will make him feel the upper hand in him. It can cultivate very strong male chauvinist, creating imbalance in the relationship.

Be independent and confident

You have to learn how to be independent and confident. A confident woman will always look great and attractive. Being too needy may make a guy feel frustrated. If you want to know how to make your boyfriend love you more, you should just show out a little bit of neediness which will be healthier for your relationship.

Being overly confident is also no good

If you are someone who is always very headstrong and tend to treat his advice on deaf ears, he may think that you are not giving him enough respect. As I say, acting to be a little woman at times will make your relationship better.

Show your boy friend that you genuinely care about him

You need to show your boy friend that you genuinely care about him. Make it easy for him to talk to you about anything that is on his mind with out belittling or berating him and without minimizing his problems. Men often fall in love because they have found someone who is a good listener and who “gets” them. Try to treat your man like you would your best friend and he may just reward you with deeper love.

Men like to have freedom and control

The absolutely love this. When they get too much love and attention they feel trapped and they tend to distance themselves. So, what you need to do is to let go, and let your boyfriend be the way he chooses to be. He will be grateful for this, and love you more.

Always make a fuss about them

Kind of in the same way a mother would with her child. Not in the way of trying to prescribe to him what is allowed and not, but caring and nurturing.

Show him that you want him

Men are very turned on by you being turned on by them. They want to know that they rock your world.

Men love it

Men love it when you are affectionate towards them in front of others. Always grab their hand, hug them, and tell people how he makes your day, every day. Whatever shows off their positive traits? Men can be just as insecure as women, they just hide it better.

Ask his opinion

Ask his opinion about what is going on in your life or a decision that you can’t make on your own. You will probably follow your own mind or heart in the end, but it makes them feel valued and respected.

Take care of your appearance

Take care of your appearance and always aim to look appealing. Although you are not a trophy, men love to be with somebody that they are proud of being seen with.

Give your boyfriend the space

Give your boyfriend the space he needs to develop his own interest and practice hobbies independently. They want to know that you trust and depend on them, but not to the extent that you smother any other interest they may have.

Say nice things to him

Say nice things to him to compliment him and to show that he is your man. Guys love sweet and by sweetness you can control his heart.

Be an obedient girlfriend

Most guys like to be a leader, be a boss. He does not want to be a slave for a girl. Even though you seem to be dominant by him but remember ‘behind a successful man, there is a great woman’.

Know his clothing styles

Notice what color he likes, what clothing style he likes to wear and buy him those. Most men like to look good but they don’t like shopping or usually get rip-off if they do shop. There he needs your help.

Help him with laundry

Men can do gardening but they hate laundry. So there you can help and show him you love and care for him. He loves his mom for that factor and he’ll do the same to you.

Listen to what he wants

Your boyfriend has probably said on more than one occasion what he does and does not want in a girlfriend. For example, if your boyfriend says in casual conversation that he likes a confident, independent woman, yet you spend every spare second looking in the mirror and asking him if you look fat, you are probably missing the boat on this one. Listen when he talks.

Maintain a little mystery

Women are naturally creatures of mystery, and men love that. For instance, they do not want to know how you look the way you do (or the process you have to go through to get to that stage); they just want to enjoy the total effect. A little bit of mystery can create a longing to possess you, which ultimately end up in love.

Fill your time with other things

Don’t completely lock him out of your life, just act like you have things to do. Oh, and don’t call him baby or sweetie or whatever a lot until things change, or unless he’s changed.

Tell him when you’re not together

Tell him when you’re not together how much you love cuddling with him. The next time he calls mention how much you loved curling up on the couch in front of the television on your last date. The more you mention the little things you love about cuddling, the more he’ll want to do it.

Do not get sloppy about how you look

They likely won’t dump you over looks, but you want to make sure that you are the one and only woman that they are checking out.

Read the newspapers and listen to talk radio

This will help you be able to intelligently talk to him about anything and everything. Most men want the mental connection as well as other connections. This will help you get that.

Keep it simple!

Guys do not want to know every little detail about how your day went and how you struggled with your hair all morning and how somebody is driving you crazy. After a long day of work all that they want to hear is that you love them and that everything is ok. Why add more stress to his life? It only leads to fights, and yelling.

It’s not all about you!

A relationship takes 2. This means you have to give a little to get a little. Stop complaining just because he did not add enough sugar to your tea! So what if he rented a movie that you do not approve of. He has the right to his own opinions as well.

Careful about something

Stop buying him clothes that he will not wear, don’t make him tattoo your name on him if he is against tattoos. Don’t buy him on a veggie diet if he loves meat. He needs to know that you love him for who he is or he is going to become insecure.

Pick a day out of the week

Pick a day out of the week when it only involves the two of you and no one else. That day should have no distractions where you can spend time with your boyfriend all day long doing anything you both like. If this plan proves to be successful, gradually it will become more days like this.

Stroke his ego

Make him feel great about everything he does. Don’t over do it, just a few times a day will work great. If you do it more than that it will look like you are just kissing his bum.

Show him you love him

Write him love notes. Make him his favorite dinner. Put in his favorite movie while you massage his back. You know what makes him happy.

Time to time, Create surprises

Put lovely post-it notes in his lunch bag before he heads off to work or throw in his favorite snack when he is not noticing. Or buy a ticket for him to watch his favorite sports team or if he is always paying for dinner when on a date, pickup the tab. Nice things like that can bring a smile to his face.

Cherish little moments with him

Whether you are watching TV at home or waiting for a bus in the cold, wrap your arms around him (big bear hug) or lay your head on his chest. It will make him feel very happy that his woman cares a lot.

In the bedroom

Once in the bedroom kiss him so slowly, bite your lip a bit and look at him, he will go wild. When you began foreplay tell him how much you want him to make love with you. Talk dirty to him he will love it. Make intercourse last a long time, then after cuddle, say how much you love him and want to be with him. Tell him sweet things even if it sounds lame to you.

Put aside all selfish thoughts and behaviors

Getting angry because he wants to watch the game with friends instead of hanging out with you does nothing. Expecting him to spend every waking hour with you isn’t love, its selfishness.

Trust in your boyfriend and believe in him

The only way you can really get more love from your boyfriend is to let him know that you have faith in him and your relationship.

Make yourself available

Make yourself available for your boy friend. Take all of the phone calls from your boyfriend. Make sure that your boy friend knows where you are and how to get in touch with you. Your boy friend will feel closer to you if you are always available.

Make sure you don’t cling to him or bug him too much

Guys really hate it when a girl is always trying to hang out with them. If you give him some space he will really respect you. It would help if you had a hobby so you are not thinking about him all the time.

Be sexy

Be sexy when it’s just you two together in private. Go out and buy some sexy lingerie and give him a little show. Let him know that he still turns you on. Have a plan, since by being sexy; you just may turn him on. Know what you are going to do next. (But remember; when you’re out in public be a lady. No guy wants to share his girlfriend.)

Write him a short poem

Set it to music and play it on your guitar or other instrument, if you have an interest in music.

Do some fun

Do some fun things together that he would appreciate. Think of activities where you both can be close together such as: a boat ride, a nature center hike, a trip to the zoo, a train trip, a day trip to a nearby town, and so on.

Make sure you mingle and do no flirting

A boyfriend often likes having a girlfriend that can chill with the guys and still have fun. Just make sure you mingle and do no flirting! And remember to give him space, a guy doesn’t want to be hung on and smothered in front of his friends. Embarrassing!

Give him time

Give him time to be comfortable with you, not forced. Forced by definition contradicts true spontaneity. Making someone be what you consider spontaneous, may in fact prevent them from ever finding what is truly spontaneous for them.

Comfort them in words and in presence

Men may seem tough and impassive at times, but they do have that soft side. They want their women to comfort them in words and in presence.

When late in time

Women hate it when guys are late in their agreed time. Instead of making a scene, say this instead, “Are you ok? Is everything alright?” Try to listen to his reason before bursting out. It will be best if you listen first before mouthing uncalled for comments.

Laughter is the sound of love

It’s been said that laughter is the sound of love. If you share many laughs together, you’re both going to be a lot more receptive to love. However, don’t put on a show, or make yourself a clown just to make someone laugh. The best laughs are spontaneous, and result from having a positive attitude towards life.

If you want a steady kind of love

You might be crazy about this person, but if you want a steady kind of love (rather than a fling that flares and fades quickly) then you’re going to need to be patient and take your time. Don’t be obsessive or suffocating. Give him or her the time to think about what life could be like with you by their side. You can’t force someone to love you, and trying to hurry things up can ruin the courtship altogether. Let things progress at a natural pace, or fade out of natural causes.

Always be accepting and open-minded

He will sense this and feel like you’re the only person who truly knows them and thus, the only person they can be their uninhibited selves around.

Know your boyfriend

You have to let your boy friend know you need him or her. Not only will it make your love feel good to be wanted, but you will be able to latch on quickly and get your hooks in nice and deep.

Dig deep and discover everything about your love

You will amaze him or her with your ability to know this person so well. It will seem uncanny that you can know so much about your boy friend. Some might call it stalking, but it’s not like background checks are illegal.

Oh yeah…public displays of affection

Get it on as soon as possible. Nothing will endear you to your love more than being all over him in public. The moment you see this person, start touching. Do whatever you have to do to get a hold of his hand. Hug your love and don’t hold those smooches back.

A huge tattoo

Preferably with a giant heart. Don’t forget the most important part: your love’s name! For extra points, get a tattoo of his or her face.

Taking good care of you

Keep your body clean and smell as good as possible including cleaning yourself of released fluids during making love. Change hair style, perfumes, etc. from time to time. Use the types of perfumes, colors, and clothes that your boyfriend likes.

Start with good news

Start with good news and delay any bad news until he has rested.

Take some mystery

Try to keep at least half of them the same or similar to what he likes, but don’t lie. Also, do not reveal too much about yourself too quickly; some guys like a good mystery. The longer it takes them to get you, the longer they’ll stick around.

Let him know your birthday and ask for his

A Christmas card can help. When the two of you are really close, you can also begin to exchange gifts.

Shoot people a reassuring smile

Whether it closed-mouth or open-mouth, do it. Unless it really makes you feel artificial, learn how to shoot people a reassuring smile, letting them know that you’re a happy and confident person who wants to enjoy life. The idea is to communicate that you’re inviting their company.

Everyone is sexier when they are confident

Make a plan that turns you on and do it. Your boyfriend will love it, no matter what it is. If you are unsure, stop; you should never do what you feel unsure of, because it could lead to something worse. When you do have special time together with your man, do special things which will bring out the tigress in you.

Show your man more love and affection

Just like us, men love to be loved and touched just like we do ladies. Therefore, when you see him, give him a warm and passionate embrace and kiss.

Make time for him

You have to make your relationship a priority (no matter what!). This means that you absolutely and positively must go out on regular date nights. If you can’t afford to go to expensive places, just go out and have a cheap cup of coffee. And, while you’re there don’t talk about the kids the whole time. Concentrate only on him and his needs and he will gladly return the favor.

Make romance a priority

Yes, romance can get mundane at times so spice it up ladies. You don’t have to put yourself in a pretzel all the time but you should be open to trying new things and new positions on occasion. For instance, if you normally spend Saturday mornings vacuuming the house, sleep in and give him a little morning massage and romance while the kids watch cartoons. You’ll both be glad you did.

Listen attentively

Don’t just say “umm Hamm” without even listening to him. Look into his eyes, repeat what he says and let him know that you really do care about his opinion. In return, he will open up more and discuss important issues with you.

Stop being mean and grumpy all the time

Yes, you shouldn’t stifle your feelings all the time but there are times when you should take a “time out” before making mean outbursts. This will prevent you from saying things you later regret. It will also strengthen your relationship.

Buy him thoughtful gifts

Buy him thoughtful gifts when he least expects it. It doesn’t need to be expensive all the time but what matters most is the thought that comes with it.

Take good care of yourself

Stay in shape and eat a healthy diet. Make sure you are well-groomed at all times (hair, nails, makeup). If you take pride in how you look, the man in your life will take pride in that as well.

Understand that

He needs time to himself to pursue his own interests. If you can show him that you trust him and you feel confident that he loves you, he’ll find you completely irresistible.

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