96 Ways to Make Man Fall in Love

How to Make Man Fall in Love

96 Ways to Make Man Fall in Love

Be confident

Confidence is not only a man’s game. Men like women who are sure of themselves and where they are going in life. If you are not all that confident naturally, fake it until you no longer have to.

Care yourself

Take good care of yourself. Stay in shape and eat a healthy diet. Make sure that you are well-groomed at all times (hair, nails, makeup). If you take pride in how you look, the man in your life will take pride in that as well.

Figure out where your guy hangs out, and you hang out there too

Before he can fall in love with you, he has to like you first. Studies have shown the more we are exposed to a stimulus (person, place or thing), the more we like it. So, the more he sees you, the more he will like you.

Hold your eye contact

Hold eye contact with him longer than normal and you can trick his brain into believing he’s in love with you.

Make him feel like he is the only man in the world for you

Whether it’s a small note wishing him a good day, a light caress or gentle kiss, make sure he feels like he is the only man in your world.

Laugh at his jokes

Most people love to feel amusing. If you make your man feel good about him, and you let him know that you think he’s funny, he will love spending time with you.

Men are hunters

You must remember this. Once a hunter has killed his prey, he moves on. If you want a man to be always attentive, always with his eyes on you, never let him feel like he has you completely. Keep him doubting. This is the key, fundamental axiom for keeping a man.

Ask him questions about his life

Most people love talking about themselves. A good listener makes a good lover. Practice listening more and talking less. If you make a man feel good when he is with you, he will want to be with you more and more.

Try his hobbies on for size

If your man loves to hunt, go to baseball games, fish, ski, or go boating. Men love women who try new things, especially if those new things are activities he loves to do. CBS News even states that the best way to refresh your loving bond is to try new things.

Achieve your own dreams and aspirations

Women are irresistible when they have goals and actually achieve those goals. Go to school; strive for that promotion, interview for a new job, anything that allows you to get closer to your dream. Men love success and successful women.

Always have to be your true self

You always have to be your true self to ensure someone loves you for who you truly are. There is nothing worse then someone who lies about who they are and then after the ‘newlywed’ phase ends they are someone completely different.

Don’t try so hard to fool the crowd and be like everyone else

Who wants a clone of very other person in the world? Most of the time something different is what catches a guy’s eye in the first place.

No one wants someone who is ‘obsessed’ with them

If you are always checking on where he is, how he is talking to, who calls him, etc. He will grow tired of it quickly and push you away. Give him some space and keep your own as well.

The old saying why buy the cow if the milk is free is perfect for this situation

If you’re too easy to always get then he may never take the time to get to know you in the first place. Don’t focus all your attention onto him alone, makes sure you don’t forget about your friends. Spend time with your friends and go on with the life you had before he was in it.

Good impression

Men look up to their friends and are often asking them their opinion about the ones they date as well as other things going on in their lives. When meeting his friends make sure you are polite and do not give off a nasty attitude. Making a good impression on his friends can help to boost your relationship with him.

Challenge yourself and grow

People who challenge themselves to grow, and transform have an aura of adventure that keeps other people interested. It also makes others want to come along for the ride. Keep learning, trying, and embracing new parts of the universe. Make someone fall in love with you, and make sure they can’t turn their attention away from you for fear they will miss your next exciting development.

Forgive, forget, and be happy

You may have a lot of emotional baggage left over from past relationships. Perhaps you were mistreated or your trust was violated. Whatever happened in your past that still makes you angry, let go of it. Resenting old lovers sends a message to new lovers that they will be competing with history for your devotion. Be here now. Show the person you want to make fall in love with you that you are free, functional, and ready to fall in love again.

Be positive

If you really want to make an impression, ditch the negativity and stand out from the crowd as a beacon of light and positivity. There’s nothing more lovable than happiness.

Enjoy life

Make someone fall in love with you by showing your appreciation for life, big and small. Not just fun and exciting times, but dull and quiet times too. Be at peace and enjoy your cold cup of drive-thru coffee. Appreciate the mishaps, the storms, the losses as part of life, and keep focused on the bigger picture: the beauty of existence, not the minor misfortunes.

Be generous

People who give freely of their time and heart have no problem making someone else fall in love. In fact, their giving nature displays a confidence that makes them irresistible. Not only does it show your ability to sympathize with others, but it shows you are confident that you have more than enough of your heart and resources to share.

Have reasonable standards

If you’re trying to make someone fall in love with you, have reasonable expectations of what and who that person really is. Even if you do make someone fall in love with you, don’t expect that it will dramatically change or fix your life.

No unconditional love

Love without conditions is something that happens between parents and children, family members, etc. It’s not something that should happen in a relationship. Even if you are able to make someone fall in love with you, that doesn’t mean you should accept whatever comes along. Hold onto your standards.

Give him what he wants

It’s easy to make someone fall in love with you if you know what they really want. Take a look at their personality and life and see if there isn’t some unknown need or want begging to be satisfied.

Never stop trying

Sure, you can make someone fall in love with you, but then what? If you stop trying to impress your love or lover, your relationship and love will be short lived. Approach making love like it was the first time, every time. Never stop trying to impress the person you want.

Hold your head high

Always carry yourself with confidence. Hold your head high and never criticize yourself in front of a man and/or downplay your talents.

Never dumb down

Never dumb down for any man. If he can’t handle your brilliance, your higher paying jobs etc. move on immediately.

Take care of your body

Looks are important. There is just no way around that. A man has to be attracted to you physically before he falls in love with you or is at least willing to spend some time with you. If you are not looking your best, or think you need to lose those pesky ten pounds start working out and eating healthy.

Be financially independent

A man will know instantly whether or not you see him as a meal ticket and will drop you like a bad habit. If he’s smart, he’ll dump you right after he has gotten into your pants.

Do not talk about commitment on the first date

Do not talk about commitment on the first date, unless you don’t want to have a second date with him. Commitment is something that arises naturally, once two people really get to know each other and are able to recognize how they compliment each other’s lives.

Keep your dates light hearted and fun

Being with you should seem like a getaway. Like a fabulous vacation. He should never dread spending time with you regardless of what you’re doing together; be it just spending an evening at home or going out. Don’t be clingy and concentrate on yourself, your job, hobbies, friends and family.

Keep yourself educated and well informed

Read and keep up with events in the world. If all you can talk to him about is American Idol you need to expand your horizons. Think about it this way; the country we live in is fighting two wars at the moment, a recession, we are in the midst of a historic presidential race etc., be able to carry a conversation on such topics. Remember that some of the world’s most famous and effective seductresses (Cleopatra, George Sand, Lou Salome, Martha Gellhorn, just to name a few) were smart as hell. Do you remember Miss Teen USA 2007? Don’t be her.

Don’t be desperate

You must not agree to go on a date at the last minute. If it is Friday and he asks you to go out the same or next day, say no. Tell him you already have plans. He should know that you are a busy woman with your own life.

Do not response his all message or email

Do not answer every email or text message he sends you! This will give you some mystery and make him want to chase you even more. When you do plan to answer, make him wait a little bit.

Don’t share your past or mental problem

Don’t talk about old boyfriends, mental problems, having children or marriage until you are well into the relationship.

Incorporate some of his hobbies into your routine

Sure, you may hate to go to baseball games or spend hours at the arcade. However, compromise is the key to a healthy relationship, and a healthy relationship is what makes love blossom.

Give him space

The clingier you get about getting him to fall in love, the more your chances lessen that it will ever happen. Giving him the space and the freedom to do his own thing will make him realize how much he enjoys having you around.

Maintain a little mystery

Women are naturally creatures of mystery, and men love that. For instance, they do not want to know how you look the way you do (or the process you have to go through to get to that stage); they just want to enjoy the total effect. A little bit of mystery can create a longing to possess you, which ultimately end up in love.

Be patient and don’t expect him to fall in love with you immediately

Some men tend to take a while when deciding who they want for a relationship. The upside is, if you wait and he chooses to be with you, he’ll be very loyal. Some men want quality over quantity.

Cheer your man on his success

Some Men are very ambitious, especially when their career is involved. Success is very vital to a man. If he gets a promotion at work, tell him how impressed you are and offer to take him out for drinks.


Some men are intense and dramatic. They will love you one minute and pretend like they don’t the next. Try and understand it’s nothing personal. They just get moody, but don’t walk out on them when this happens, just endure. They will snap back. They are all about intensity and contradictions.

Always look your best

Wear soft materials. It has been scientifically proven that these type of fabrics – rayon, silk, fur, etc. – trigger quite a response in men and actually make them feel more in love and more interested in passionate, romantic moment, than more abrasive fabrics, such as cotton, linen, and the like. Wear your hair different ways.

Communication is the key

Communication is the key, if you want any man to fall in love with you. Share your dreams, your fears, and your thoughts. However, know when the time is right to do so. If you have been dating a man for a few weeks and you bombard him with your deepest feelings, he may think you are getting too serious too soon (and rightfully so!) and bolt for the door.

Be comfortable

While it’s always good to look your best for your man, when it comes to love, a man wants someone he can be comfortable with. So make him comfortable.

Compliment him

Men are no different than women in the fact that a nice compliment makes them feel good. If he has been working out and it shows tell him so.

Don’t compare his behavior to your friends or your ex.

Recognize a man’s comfort zone and be flattered when he steps out of it for you. Recognize sincere effort, appreciate it and show it.

Give him the respect of eye contact

Give him the respect of eye contact when he speaks and listen. Don’t interrupt. Don’t offer advice when he is unloading on you unless you are asked. Be a sounding board not Dear Abby.

Don’t be too available, but don’t be too unavailable

Come to an understanding before you take it to the next level (this could be moving in together, getting engaged, and married). Moving on to the next level without having a thorough understanding of what’s expected is the road for disaster.

Don’t do anything to win a guy over that you’re not willing to do to keep him

Don’t ask for something you would not be willing to give yourself (double standards). Let him know what you like and what you want. They are not mind readers and you shouldn’t be expected to be one either.

Apologize when you’re wrong

Apologize when you’re wrong, and don’t always expect one in return. Pick your battles and keep in mind that when you must argue, listen to what he says as well and know when it’s gone too far. Don’t make idle threats!

Keep control over your emotions

There is nothing worse to man then a screeching, yelling, nagging, whining, complaining or a dramatic woman. This does not mean to be robotic. This means to ask your self if this will really matter in a week. How is this going to affect your relationship? Act accordingly.

Show off your brains not your body

This doesn’t mean to not be sexy for him. This means keep it to your self. It also does not mean to be unattractive when you are in public. This means present yourself in public with him as respectable and attractive both in appearance and actions.

Understand that men are slower to open up

Understand that men are slower to open up and can be more cautious than women. If you provide a secure, pressure-free, and light environment, men will open up to you. Moving too fast or demanding too much early on can make him shut down.

Operate in the same time frame as men

If he is slow to develop feelings towards you, don’t confess your love to him too early. We all know that communication is easier when you’re on the same page with someone.

Look alluring and enticing

You can look alluring and enticing, but allow men to ask you out on a date. Men are most comfortable and most enthusiastic when they assume the role of pursuers.

Evaluate your general attitude toward your man

Have you become more critical of the little things he does lately? Perhaps there have been enough times that you’ve put off intimacy that he has begun to make overtures less often. Do you allow work; friends and other factors have priority over your relationship? If any of these apply, your first step in getting the romance back is to make some adjustments in your mindset and general approach to the relationship.

Defuse tense or negative situations

Defuse tense or negative situations that take place between the two of you. Instead of reacting with anger when he works late, be supportive and let him know you understand.

Be direct

If you want something, ask for it politely and clearly. Men don’t understand passive-aggressive and they don’t respond to subtle clues very well. Become the one woman out there that he can actually understand.

Take your time

This works for sharing your body as well as your deepest, darkest secrets. If you give him all that on the first date, there’s no mystery. And there’s no friendship built up. There’s nothing for him to fall in love with.

Acting feminine

Acting feminine but not over the top is also important. You certainly do not want to challenge him to a game and win-yes the male ego is that fragile. You want to shape a sense of need. You want for him to feel like he needs to protect and take care of you, not the other way around.

Make sure your first dates are very exciting or scary

Go to an amusement park, go-car racing (he wins though!), walk across a high bridge or do something that will get both of your adrenaline going. It is a proven fact that men fall in love when they are scared or excited as the adrenaline mimics the same surge of hormones produced with love and if you happen to be there when this happens he will associate YOU with that feeling.

Feel him better with you

A man can fall in love with you, if you can make him feel great about himself. You must feed his ego from time to time and shower him with compliments. He must be able to act and feel like himself when he is around you.

Feel him free

You must let him know that he is in a mutual and caring relationship between two adults. What you do not want is for him to think he is in a relationship with someone like his mother. If you act too controlling then for sure you will have a negative affect on him.

Making friendship

Friendship is an important part of these strategies to make a man fall in love with you. Look at any truly happy couple you see around you, and what do you notice first? They have a deep and abiding friendship that influences every other aspect of their relationship.

Be aware of his need to be appreciated and admired by you

Many women can be quick to criticize instead of praise. This doesn’t mean you should offer false praise and be over the top, but don’t resist the desire to pat him on the back and tell him you admire his work or other activities.

Men don’t want a woman who only has one facet

They want and need more and that’s what they’re looking for when they go out with the idea of finding a good woman. A man will fall in love with you when he realizes the full and well rounded woman you are and when he sees all the happiness you bring to his life.

Men are easily scared away

Men are easily scared away from a relationship when they see that the woman is putting way too much importance on it. With a lot of pressure to build the relationship into something special, it can be enough to make a man quit before he even makes an effort.

Be observant

Be observant because things around you and things that he wears or does can easily lead to a topic where both of you can be on.

Don’t always focus the topic on yourself

Don’t always focus the topic on yourself, although you want him to know more about you, but you don’t want to bore him out or let out too much information about yourself.

Aware of yourself

If you are aware of yourself being too chatty, look out for signs that he may feel “bored”. Like if his gazes at other directions, or if he’s trying to interject a word here and there. Be conscious of his interest level.

Hold back your emotions

Most women do not know how to hold back their emotions and start hinting or even upfront confessing her feelings to the guy. Some even become over touchy and possessive. This will scare the guy out and make him feel pressured. Soon, he will start avoiding you. Do not confess to the extent where you want him to return the love.

You could call homework

You must ask around. Find out if he has a Myspace/Facebook/other social networking site. This is great for finding out what he’s into, like music/films/general opinions. You can use this information to start up conversations later on.

You must find out things he likes about girls physically

Remember, most men will fall for your looks before your personality. Not shallow, true. If you’re not confident about your looks, start working on it. Get rid of spots; lose those extra pounds, whatever. If you know his history of ex-girlfriends, or girls he’s previously dated in the past, or better yet his “type” (blonde hair, environmentalist, curvy build etc), then SLOWLY relate to that. The social networking sites can be helpful here.

You must acquire a simple form of communication

For example, the “hi-and-bye-friend”, which is exactly as it sounds. Use mutual friends to your advantage here. If you see them talking, go over and join in. Your friend should introduce you, and voila! Now maintain the smiling and greetings every time you see him.

Back off

If you see him everyday avoid him for two days or so, no contact! He will end up missing you and really understanding how deeply he feels for you. But make sure you have a valid reason for being away when he asks.

Build his ego

This step is key, and this is the one that makes the man “suddenly realize” how great you are. Don’t outwardly compliment him, that’s too obvious. Instead, try to make him believe that in your eyes he’s perfect (i.e. the smartest, the strongest, etc.). This isn’t an actual thing you say, it’s more of an attitude that you give off when you’re around him as opposed to other. This will make him see how special you are for thinking he is special.

On your first date, less make-up, more natural beauty

Whatever style you think looks great on you naturally, use it. We tend to look at natural beauty more as the one we fall in love with than the one that’s made-up for an hour to look that way.

Do not flirt with other Men

We scare off easy, and for those who don’t, they won’t appreciate you handing out your charm to whatever guy passes the corner. We want to feel like you’ve reserved that part of yourself just for us and that we are the only ones who get to see it. It makes us feel special in regards to you, which in turn, builds our ego, which (again), makes us appreciate you more.

Crack a joke

Having a good sense of humor makes everything better. That doesn’t mean you should be a giggling fool, laughing at everything that crosses your path. Express your sense of humor in your own way.

Do things together

If he loves rock-climbing, ask him if he can show you how, and make a good-faith effort to see why he’s so into it. Have an open mind. Find out what you have in common, and include him in your world. If you love a certain kind of music, ask him if he’s ever listened to a particular artist and offer to play a CD for him. Finding activities that you can enjoy together can really lay down a bond and further his appreciation of you.

The reason why you shouldn’t look at him is because you have to let him know that you like him first

Then you have to dress really hot, look at him about 2 times a day, and then not look at him anymore. If you look at him too much he’ll just get tired of you and not even pay any attention after a while!

Try ignoring him for a while

Then start trying to be in his life. Start trying to hang out around him as much as you can, but not too much or he may think you’re too overeager.

N-E-V-E-R is very loud or obnoxious

Most Men’s think this is annoying (along with too much eye makeup or foundation) However, a little loud laughter and joking with friends will grab his attention.

Don’t say “I want to be your girlfriend”

just IF you get his number, just in a normal way ask him out somewhere, like to a movie or just simply out on a walk: (Men like the simplest of things, in a walk you talk a lot and get to know each other, in a movie and if it’s his first date he’ll feel bad for hardly figuring you out).

Give him a fresh taste of your best

Make a favorable impression on a romantic level by showing the “hottie,” “sweetie,” and “rea” sides of your personality. The “hottie” side means to highlight your sexy, feminine qualities. The “sweetie” side is the part of you that is caring, kind, warm, and sensitive. The “real” side of you shows your true character as an all-around decent human being.

Position yourself for a peak emotional moment

Timing is important when it comes to impacting a man. When emotions are running high, that’s the time to give him a sample of your feminine best. It is at these peak moments that memories of all kind get imprinted deeply into his mind, heart, and soul.

Do not overreact

When you like someone and you want to make him like you too, it’s very easy to make a fool of yourself. Don’t be too loud or too invisible; don’t laugh for any reason, don’t say anything that pops into your head. That usually happens when you are too nervous about what he’ll think of you – there is no reason to be so stressed. Just relax, take a big breath and act like he is one of your friends.

Listen to the boys

I don’t imply that all men are the same, or that all see the same way, but it’s always good to take some good advice from the boys. Ask your friends if their girlfriends said or did something they liked, or hated. When you learn about common mistakes girls do during dates or during a relationship, just try to avoid doing them!

Play on your turf

Invite him over to your place for a cup of coffee or a movie. You will feel very comfortable if you meet at your house. There are many things you can do if you stay indoors. What’s more, you can invite him to hang out with your friends. They are the people that know how to make you look even cooler than he already thinks you are! They are always in the mood to say something nice or tell some awesome stories about you.

Get to know his friends

To win his heart, try to win his friends first. For men, friendship is very important. Take it for granted that he trusts his friends’ opinions, and he faithfully follows their advice. If there is someone that can influence him, it will be his friends. So, the sooner you get to know them and the more they like you, the more possible it is to be with him!

Don’t put him in a compromising position

Men care about how you feel, even if they are not interested in you romantically. Don’t force them to answer a question if they look uncomfortable with it.

Don’t make him feel worthless

Don’t make him feel worthless by ranting on and on about your exes. If you say what you dislike in your exes, he might be put off because most men have the same faults.

Don’t ever cheat

If he loves you and you don’t love him, tell him that in a calm and caring manner. People get hurt when a man’s ego gets smacked down.

Don’t get an attitude when you see something

Don’t get an attitude when you see something on T.V. In fact, don’t pull an attitude for any dumb reason. Men think you are immature if you have an attitude.


Blush it’s been scientifically proven that girls who blush when looked at make men fall in love with them.

Never become a doormat

Men often try to takes advantage of girls; you need to put your foot down straightaway, because it’s not worth the pain in the end.

Don’t pretend like everything is okay if it’s not

If he is really your man, he’ll help you through it. He will understand that you have your bad days, and you need him to help you get through them.

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