38 Ways to Scare People

How to Scare People

38 Ways to Scare People


Wear a pair of quiet, yellow shoes, quiet, black/pink Tight Pants or Strip into your underwear and a black/navy blue hooded sweatshirt with no logos or designs on it.


Find a good wolf/werewolf mask if you can, and put some glow-in-the-dark paint on the teeth


Follow your friends (secretly) as they go trick-or-treating, and when you see them getting close to some bushes or an area with little overhead light, run ahead and hide in the dark. Turn your back to the street, quickly charge up your glowing teeth with a small flashlight. Make a rustling noise in the bushes, step on some sticks to make noise. Dive out of the bushes as they come past you, growling and baring your teeth. Land on all fours.


Decorate your house “cute” for Halloween, so kids don’t suspect anything. Smiling ghosts, cute witches, funny/dancing skeletons etc. , You can also make your house really scary, so that kids are already scared. For the scary effect, try black lights, fake bones, fake blood (You can use ketchup, or fake blood) etc.


Get a scary mask. Jason masks work great, as do monster masks (Just don’t get a famous monster mask. Just get something freaky) and get a freaky outfit. White outfits work great.


Get a bottle of fake blood and put it all over your outfit. If you choose to wear a Jason mask, put the fake blood on that too. Your outfit needs to look like you just killed someone.


Hide somewhere. If you have a peephole on your door, you can hide behind your closed door. Just be sure that you won’t hit anyone/anything when you open the door. You can also hide behind bushes or behind a decoration wait till anyone gets into the home

At Friends House

Make sure your friend invites you over to his house for a sleep over or something. , Get one of those orange ski masks from a friend or the store. , Wear some black clothing and a camouflage jacket. , Go to your friends house and stand outside the window. While looking down at the floor. , Once your friend sees you, stand there for about 5-10 seconds then reveal that it’s you.


Stuff old clothes and a scary mask with newspaper, and leave it propped up in a lawn chair in your front yard during the week before Halloween. This way the neighborhood kids will think it is part of your holiday decorations. On trick or treat night, wear the old clothes and mask and sit on the lawn chair. Act like a decoration until the kids approach the front door for candy. Then jump up and scare them!

Black Clothing

Wear mainly black clothing. This allows you to be less visible for nocturnal scaring antics, whilst also giving people a general impression that you’re weird.

Look Messy

A good way to make this more fear inducing is to look messy. Put twigs in your hair, attain cuts and bruises and damage your clothes.


A good attitude for scaring people is to be aggressively strange. This generally involves making lots of grunting noises, moving slowly and then suddenly bursting into a run for no real reason, and jumping off stuff.

Some General Tactics

You could also try some general tactics to freak people out, like following them, or hiding around a corner before jumping out at them. Making strange noises at night is a good way, too.

Play Twister

Grab a few friends, and go play Twister in the parking lot of a gas station.

Practice Yoga or Meditate

Go to a mall, sit down on the floor (anywhere, it doesn’t matter) and practice yoga or meditate.


Go to a mall on a relatively or extremely crowded day, and sing the “I’ve Got A Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts” song (it’s nice to have company while doing this, so you won’t feel lonely after you get kicked out)

Take a Walk

With a friend, take a walk at 1:00 in the morning in your pajamas

Walk Over

Walk over a parked car (or into one)


Stare at stray pieces of garbage on the street

Wear Slippers

Walk to your corner store wearing your slippers

Gas Station

Walk up to people at a gas station and chant, “Chug-a-lug, chug-a-lug, chug-a-lug…”

With a Friend

With a friend, walk down the street with a hand on each other’s butts

Sprinkle Salt

When walking up an icy hill, sprinkle salt in front of you to make it look as if you’re trying not to slip

Foam Lizards

Get a couple of those foam lizards on wires, and take them for a walk. For extra odd looks, give them commands like “Sit!” and yell at them when they don’t do it.

Go Fishing

Go fishing in a bucket with a friend on your front lawn. When someone passes by, say to your friend, “The fish aren’t biting much today, are they?” (This also works from the roof)

Combine Senses

Combine Senses: If a loud noise is effective, then a loud noise plus a sudden movement is more effective. The more data you throw at the victim the more startled they get and the longer it takes to come down.


Noise is Easy: Loud noises are the easiest and, even if they don’t startle people they cause a biological reaction that causes blood pressure to rise. If hitting a five dollar metal chair with a club can make a crowd of gawkers jump, just imagine what you can do with the stuff in your own home.

Peripheral Vision

Use Peripheral Vision: When you use visual startles, make sure that the scare always comes from the side. Peripheral vision is slower than normal vision (PDF) and doesn’t lend itself to analytical thinking. Scares seem faster and more frightening when they come from the sides.

Avoid Known Characters

Avoid Known Characters: I have a strict rule in my haunt, no well-known movie characters. The reason is simple, people are actually calmed by such characters and are reminded that what they are seeing is fictional. That makes scaring them much harder. Pinhead, Jason and Freddy might have scared millions in the theaters, but those people have had a long time to get over it.

False Sense of Security

False Sense of Security: You can’t startle people expecting to be scared. You have to make them feel safe. I usually make the first few rooms of my haunt cheesy and unimpressive so they think everything is a cakewalk. Let people get caught up in sightseeing before the scares begin. , Don’t over decorate your house or let people know in advance just how scary it is going to be. Be careful not to frighten small children though, parents have a tendency to drop dead from laughter.

Follow People

Follow people. Whether on foot or by car, you are going to scare people if you follow them long enough. Hide and jump out. This is a common way to scare people.

Turn Off Lights

Turn off lights. There are a lot of people who fear total darkness. Shapes and sounds are distorted in pitch blackness, causing fear of the unknown

Play Dead

Play dead. If you come up on a person you think is dead and the person sits up, it will scare you.

Fake Severed Body Parts

Placing fake severed body parts in food, cabinets, drawers or beds is a way to give people quite a fright.


Find someone watching a scary movie, with the lights dimmed or off, and sneak up behind and grab her shoulder.

Flash Light

Turn the brightness on the monitor way down. Pull out a flash light and shine it on the screen. Act as if it helps you see the text on the screen.

Black and Decker Chainsaw

Quietly walk into the computer lab with a Black and Decker chainsaw, rev that baby up, and then walk up to the nearest person and say, “Give me that computer or you’ll be feeding my pet crocodile for the next week”


When the elevator doors closes, announce to the others, “It’s okay! Don’t panic, they’ll open again.”

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