66 Ways to Tell Him You Love Him

How to Tell Him You Love Him

66 Ways to Tell Him You Love Him

Right place, right time

High yielding results come when you thoroughly think about a plan. Choose an appropriate time as well as appropriate place where you will tell him. Nothing will beat careful planning if you want to execute the proper ways on how to tell a guy you love him.


Spark up the romantic side in you by inviting him for dinner with candlelight and sweet music. Choose your attire for the evening that you know he likes.

More than words

It is important that before you tell him the magic words, you must learn how to do it. Show it to him by complimenting him and tell him how much you value your relationship with him.

Consider his personality

Before giving him an all-out romance, consider if he is that type who is comfortable with it. You don’t want to scare him off, do you?

Don’t be aggressive

It is perfectly alright for you to tell him how you feel but don’t force him or demand that he say it back. It would totally defeat the purpose of the words “I love you.”

Direct or indirect

If you prefer to say it flat-out and direct, it should be fine and better. However, if you really can’t bring yourself to blurt the words out, you may want to do it indirectly by pointing out the things you love about him.

No alcohol

While alcohol gives you boost on your courage, saying the words while under its influence is like telling him something you really don’t mean.

Expect the worst

As what have previously been mentioned, you can’t expect him to say the words back but the worst that could happen is when he doesn’t feel the way that you do.

Do it with notes

Yes, hand written notes. It may seem juvenile to some, but writing love notes for your man and placing them where he will find them will put a smile on his face and warm his heart. Place your note in the clothes you know he will wear to work the next day. If he takes lunch to work, pack it for him. You can write your love note on the paper napkin you place in his lunch bag. Imagine how surprised he will be, when he wants to use the paper napkin, and finds what you have written for him.

Wrap it in a gift

Use a colored pen or marker and write him a love letter or a thoughtful note on the inside of the gift wrapper. Just be sure to be around when he finds his surprise gift in your bedroom. Tell him to be careful unwrapping the gift, because you want to use the paper to make some interesting work of art, or whatever you think he will believe. When he unwraps the gift, you can bet he will give you a big hug and a kiss.

Put a message in a bottle

Find a clear bottle of wine or beer and write your message. Attach a string to your message using with a small safety pin and then place your message in a bottle. Put the bottle in your refrigerator or in his refrigerator, if you are dating. He will be pleasantly surprised when he finds your thoughts in a bottle.

Send an e-card

Go online to one of the e-card sites and send him a card that expresses how you feel. They are fun and free to send. There are tons fun and innovative e-card websites you can visit.

Say it with flowers

Yes, flowers. Just as men love to give flowers, they love to receive them as well. The best way to send your guy flowers is to send it to his job. There is just something about receiving flowers in the presence of his co-workers. Their impact is quadrupled when he receives them in the presence of his colleagues, as opposed to the relative privacy of your home.

Romance will work

As far as I know, guys are romantic fools just like us. If you make things romantic, he will take the hint right from the start and it will not be that hard to confess anymore.

Back up your words with deeds

Words are not as important as deeds. It is easy to say I love you yet you do not mean any of it. You need to make sure that he will see your effort and your feelings into what you are doing so that he will believe you.

His personality

Before confessing, you need to know about his personality. This means that you cannot exaggerate on the romantic side if he is not that type of person in the first place.

Don’t get too emotional

As being a woman, it is easy to fall in love quickly and hard. It is easy to know what you want. It is also easy to want to tell him and to yell it from the roof tops. However, you need to be careful not to get too emotional too quick. Aim for keeping your emotions under wrap for the time being. You want to let him continue to chase you and you want to give him time to feel for you before you show him your emotions.

Take it easy and slow

In the same way that you shouldn’t get too emotional, you should also let him lead the pace of things. This means you will need to take it easy and slow. This is one of the most important things you need to do to show him you love him. If you really love him you will want him to be comfortable and relaxed in your relationship. This will only be done if you give him his space and let him take his time.

Don’t show him you are too into him

It is easy to get too into a guy right away. However, you need to make sure that you aren’t showing him that you are too in to him. That may seem backwards. After all, if you are trying to show him you love him, why wouldn’t you show him that you are really into him? Well, it scares them, makes them feel uncomfortable, and also makes it so that they feel pressured in the relationship. You don’t want to do any of these things so you should take care to give him his space. You can be romantic and loving, but you need to make sure that you don’t go overboard.

Make sure to wait at least 8 months to say it

This is a long time and the longer you wait, the better it’ll be for both of you because both of you will be able to enjoy the time you spend developing the love for each other as long as you don’t wait too long.

Make sure you think before you say it

It is imperative that you think before you say it because saying it the wrong way will mess up the mood and you’ll never be able to press the reset button. The best thing to do is to practice how you’re going to say it before you say it to him because this will help you say it the right way and it’ll decrease your level of nervousness.

Say it only if you mean it

The worst thing for you to do is tell a guy you love him when you don’t really mean it. Guys can tell when it’s fake and he’ll get mad at you for playing with his feelings. So, make sure the love is there before you say it. He’ll be very happy with you for being real with him.

Make sure that your actions match your words

Guys look at this, so make sure that your actions match your words. If not, he’ll get confused and he’ll start having doubts about you.

Give him time to say it back

Guys don’t like it when girls pressure them to say something they’re not ready to say. They like to take their time to say it just to make sure that they’re emotionally ready to. Would you want a guy to tell you he loves you just because he felt pressured to? I doubt it! So give him all the time he needs.

If he asks you why you love him, tell him why

In order for him to feel satisfied, you have to tell him why you love him. If you don’t, he’ll begin to question if you really love him. When a girl loves a guy, she’ll know why she loves him. It’s impossible to love him without knowing why.

Make sure you can back it up

Before you blurt out “I love you,” tell him what you appreciate about him. Compliment him and tell him what it is about him that you really like. Tell him how wonderful he makes you feel when you’re together and why you value your relationship. Be sincere, and be specific. Let him know that you value him for the many things that make him unique and special.

Consider the type of person he is

If he’s a fun-loving, casual type, setting up a full-scale romantic assault may actually make him feel more nervous than passionate. He might respond better if you slip “I love you” into a conversation over a picnic lunch, or while laughing at one of your favorite movies. By the time you get to express your love, you should know him pretty well – so pick a time and a place that will be most comfortable for him.

Share it, don’t demand it

You want to tell him how you feel, not blackmail him into saying it back. He may not be ready to say it yet, and if he feels pressured he’ll resent you for it. And no matter what you do, never blurt it out as part of an argument. Screeching, “But I love you!” isn’t romantic, it’s disturbing and selfish.

Take the coward’s way out

If you can’t bring yourself to flat-out say “I love you,” try a less pressure-filled way of saying the same thing. “I love having your arms around me,” “I love how you look in that shirt” and “I really love the way your eyes twinkle when you smile” are smaller declarations and a good way to gauge his feelings.

Don’t say it while under the influence

A glass of wine may give you the courage to say those three little words, but several glasses of wine will just make you sloppy and silly. Besides, think of the message you’re sending him if it looks like you had to get drunk to tell him you love him! Does it while sober, so both of you know that you mean exactly what you say?

Be prepared for the worst

No matter how much you fantasize about him saying “I love you” back, don’t place all your hopes on it. He may not be ready. Worse, he may not feel the same way about you. Saying “I love you”should be a gift from you to him, not a demand to reciprocate – and if you pin all your hopes on him responding in exactly the way you’ve imagined, you may very well be disappointed.

Tell him what he really means to you

It’s always better to express love before you actually verbally say it. You see when there are strong feelings involved your mate will never refuse. Make your mate feel extremely special in your company and you should always try to bring joy in his life. And when you feel the moment is right you must tell him how much you love him.

Search for that perfect moment

You see the timing and the moment has a strong role to play when it comes to the matter of expressing your love for someone. You must make sure that the time and the moment are perfect as saying “I love you” at the wrong time might spoil your chances forever. The best time would be when you and your mate are having a great time together and everything seems to be going perfect.

How to face rejection?

Well here is a sneaky trick where you can easily escape rejection. If you said I love you and your partner shows dry feelings or you might feel he is about to reject you then quickly say “I was kidding”. You see doing this would save you from a lot of embarrassment.

Don’t Be Overly Aggressive

All guys like to be shown affection, but too much affection can scare men away. When you spend every minute together with a man doting on him, clinging to his arm, or whispering in his ear, you essentially tell him that you never want to be apart from him. Instead of feeling appreciated, this threatens a man’s need for the independence on top of sending signals of desperation. Men want relationships to be natural and easy, not difficult and all-consuming. The simple action of giving your man plenty of space is the best way to show him that you truly love him.

Take Things Slowly

Men take longer to fall in love than women do. Men cannot be rushed into love, and they can’t be forced into taking a relationship to the next level. By letting your man set the pace of your relationship, you show him that you understand his needs, respect his feelings, and that you love him enough to wait as long as necessary for him to be ready for commitment. On top of being a virtue, patience is one of the best ways to show your man that you truly love him.

Do Something Special for Him

Nothing tells a man how you feel about him more than a simple gesture of love. Although men are expected to make the bigger gestures of love in a relationship, this doesn’t mean they don’t want to do all the work. By giving your man a random present, by doing something specifically for him, you let him know that you want him to be happy. There is simply no better way to show a man that you truly love him than by actually doing something to show him that you truly love him.

Be His Friend

The sure way for him to know that you love him is if you are his friend as well. He needs to feel like you will care for him no matter what. Loving him means that even if you are super angry with him, if he needed you there would be nothing that you wouldn’t do for him. Show him you’re a good friend by listening to him when he needs you and by keeping his secrets sacred. If you’re able to be his closest friend, then he will know for sure that you love him.

Let Him Go Slow

In order for him to feel really loved, you should honor his need to move slowly in the emotional arena. Even if you are really into him, love him intensely, and can’t wait for him to feel the same, going at his pace will help him feel like you really love him and that he’s special, instead of just being another guy who you ended up with. Honoring him will make him feel very loved and encourage him to fall for you, too.

Feel Free to Open Up to Him (Within Reason)

If you really want to tell him with your words that you love him, it is suggested that you wait until he says it first. Even if you’ve been feeling it for a really long time, it can scare him or make him feel like something is wrong with him for not feeling the way you do. If you do decide to tell him, be sure that you tell him that it’s OK if he doesn’t feel the same way you do. Make sure that you tell him you won’t pressure him at all.

Follow his lead

When it comes to affection in the relationship, let the man set the pace and show you what he thinks is appropriate. Pay attention to the moments when he feels comfortable touching you and holding you, and which occasions he seems to need distance from you. This will give you a clue what he likes, and let you know which times it is okay for you to initiate intimacy and show him you love him without scaring him.

He should be the first to say

“I love you.” Chances are, if, you suddenly turn to him and tell him you love him, he will automatically feel tense and nervous. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you back, it means he is not ready yet to talk about those feelings openly. By letting him say that he loves you first, you give him the space he needs to grow into the relationship and a life with you.

Let him demonstrate affection

This is hard for a lot of women; however it can be important to your man. You want to make sure that you are keeping him as comfortable as possible. He is going to be much more comfortable if you follow him in a number of ways. One of the big one is affection. Some men are more comfortable with affection than others. It is best if you let him show you affection and then follow his lead. If he chooses to hold your hand in front of others then it is okay for you to reach for his hand. If he chooses to hug and kiss you in front of others then it is okay for you as well. Just make sure that he does it first.

Follow after him

Another area where it is a good idea for you to follow while he leads is the speed of the relationship. It is a lot easier for women to move very quickly in love and relationships. It is a lot harder for men and as such you should make sure that the relationship goes at his pace. This is likely going to make him much more comfortable. The more comfortable he is, the better. This is a great way to show him you love him.

Wait for him to say the words

“I love you” is a phrase that is very important in a relationship. However, it is important that you don’t jump the gun and you don’t say it too early. You want to make sure that you wait for him to tell you that he loves you before you start saying the words. While you may be tempted to skip out on this rule, it is very important that you don’t. You want to make sure that you are keeping him comfortable and that you aren’t pushing him too fast. So, feel the feelings, but keep it quite.

Are You Sure?

Check in with yourself before you take the plunge and make sure that it’s time for you to tell him. Be sure that you have been with him for long enough for it to be plausible for you to be in love with him. Men have a different time table for love and sometimes women can jump the gun on this topic.

Talk it through

while telling your guy that you love him might be something that happens spontaneously, you might choose to plan it out so you can be sure that you know exactly what you will say. Whatever your plan, know that this might take some discussion on your part. You will need to be open to whatever he needs to say and listen closely to his thoughts on the matter. If he’s not ready, he’ll tell you.

What to Say

There are many things that you can say to the person that you love. You might just blurt it out, “I love you!” Or, you might take it a little slower and tell him that you have something very important to say, that you are nervous about what he will think. When you do actually say that you love him, be succinct and honest about how you are feeling.

Prepare for His Response

Remember that while you feel ready, he might not. If he doesn’t, be prepared to hear him out. Don’t get your feelings hurt if he’s not able to reciprocate immediately. Men sometimes need more time than women to feel similar feelings. If he intimates to you that he’s not quite ready, and then let that be his answer. Don’t make him feel bad about his feelings.

Know there’s Time

Beyond everything else; women should remember that there is time available, if they just want to wait. There’s nothing the matter with feeling the emotion of love and choosing not to tell him that you feel it. Waiting until he tells you first can sometimes enhance the romance of the moment. Some women cannot wait and that’s just fine.

The words

You should also let him be the first one to say, “I love you”. This will keep you from scaring him away with the words.

Be yourself

Another thing that you can do to show him that you love him is by being yourself around him. This can be hard if you haven’t gotten to know each other well, but when you show him your true self, you are opening yourself up to him. That is one great sign of true love.

Have fun with him, but make sure you don’t over do it

This can be hard if you really enjoy spending time with him. However, you need to make sure that you have fun while still having your own life. Giving him some time and space is important. It is during this time that he will figure out how he feels and he will have the opportunity to see the difference between his life with you and his life without you. This is very important if you want to let him know you love him.

Back off a bit

It is easy to fall for a guy and want to gush over him. However, you need to back off a bit and make sure that you don’t show how much you are into him. You want him to feel loved, but often it scares men away when they are gushed over or when women try to hard.

Spend the right amount of time with him

It is often complicated to know the “right amount of time” to spend with a person. When it comes to a guy that you really like you want to spend time with him to build great memories and to have fun with him. However, you want to give him plenty of space to be his own person, to think, and to have a life of his own. The easiest way to do this is by living your own life.

Hug him and provide support when he needs it

If he doesn’t want to speak about the issue, don’t push it– just let him know that you care enough, and if he’s willing to talk, you’re willing to listen.

You can tell him that he means a lot to you

It takes a lot to say “I love you” and that’s a step closer and it can be shared in a good friendship.

Pay attention to how fast he wants to go

If you want to make a strong impression on him, make it seem like everything is going smoothly and naturally by going at his pace. Pay attention to his actions, because they speak louder than words in a man. It is like a dance. The man leads and the woman follows the pace. If you get introduced to his parents, it means that he is ready for more. However, if he constantly brings friends around instead of you two being in isolation, it means something different. Follow him like this and you won’t make him go impatient like other girls.

Instant Messaging

Chatting using instant messaging can be a powerful tool to build up a relationship. There are a lot of emoticons that can be used to express out your true feeling. If you are a shy person, you can actually try this out to tell a guy you like him. Don’t be afraid! Be well prepared if he rejects you. It could turn up to be an awkward situation and it all depends on how you handle it.

Be brave

What’s important here is to be brave to tell a guy you like him. If you feel that he has the same feeling towards you, just go for it. If you try at least the percentage of getting together is 50 percent. But if you don’t, it is totally hopeless for both of you to get together. Opportunity comes only once! Just tell him your true feeling and how much he meant to you. Most importantly, you must choose the right timing to express out your feeling.

The Direct Approach

This is one of the best and a time trusted one. This approach requires that the girl has ample amount of courage and does not fear rejection. If you are confident that the guy loves you too and that he will not disappoint you, just walk up to him and tell him point blank that you like him.

The Romantic Approach

Purchase a couple of tickets for a romantic movie and take him with you. Wait for some time and when there is a romantic scene going on, try to observe his feelings. Is he absorbed in that scene? This is the right moment to express your love to him. This approach requires that you set your timing right and tell him your feelings at the right moment. This approach is likely to work more with romantic guys.

The Party Approach

You love a guy and want to express your feelings and both of you are at a party. Approach him with a smile on your face and request him for a dance. In all probabilities he will not refuse. Do not rush and take your time to dance with him. When you come across an appropriate moment, hug him lightly, look at him directly in the eye and tell him that you like him. You might follow this by offering a kiss to the guy and let him respond.

You talk without getting bored

Mostly when it’s just a mere crush or attraction you would easily get bored after a while. Everything would just seem boring and you would not feel like carrying on any more. But when you are in love, you would always have something to talk about, it would never get boring no matter how long and how much you talk.

Don’t go overboard

While it seems that you should show a guy just how crazy in love you are in order to show him that you love him. However this is a dangerous way to go because all your emotion could make him uncomfortable and even scare him away. Instead you need to make sure that you don’t show him just how much you are into him.

Keep quiet in your love

Show him that you love him with your actions, but don’t tell him. You want to make sure that you don’t say the words until he has said them. It is important that he doesn’t feel pushed or scared

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