65 Ways to Woo a Girl

How to Woo a Girl

65 Ways to Woo a Girl

Visual Affection

Show interest, and show her that you would like to get to know her and you were happy to meet her or talk to her

Eye Contact

Don’t look to her more formally use your casual visualization to her while conversation, Always look into her eyes when speaking to her.

Make Her Understand

Your visual effects needs to be understandable to her so that she can understand that you are really taking an interest on her.

Don’t Be Lost

Just be careful not to get lost in her eyes when she’s talking, otherwise the only thing you’ll have to respond with is “Wow, you’ve got pretty eyes.”

Be sensitive and caring

Let her cry on your shoulder if she’s sad. That’s always helps to remember you whenever she feels alone by herself.

Additional But Best Way

Make her smile when she’s feeling crummy. However remember that she wants a man in her life so don’t be supplicating.

Lead from the Front

She wants to be the wooed and not do the wooing so be the first to initiate touch, so touch her or give her a hug but most innocently not expose illegally.

Be the FIRST Person

Try to be the first boy in her life who is really very caring to her, very charming to her and very romantic to her. The touch must have an effect like it’s the first time in her life.

Don’t Ask Her

NEVER ask for ideas for what to do on the date, make plans and a back-up. If she knows of something better she will tell you.

Silence Works

In some portion of your conversation try to remain silence & Whisper in her ear. Girls always remember and love this.

More Caring

If you have little siblings, nieces, or nephews, show her that you really care for them.

Attitude with others

Play with nephews, nieces or cousins, watch over and protect them, show the girl that they look up to you.

Valentine DAY

For Valentine’s Day (if you celebrate it) be sweet or thoughtful instead of showy and clichÈd.


A dozen red roses may be the traditional romantic gift, but most girls will be better pleased with a few of their favorite flowers tied with a red, pink, or white ribbon.

Main Fact

Actually remembering a girl’s favorites will endear you to her more than any elaborate scheme. That’s how they also want you to remember

Don’t Know Her Favorites?

If it’s early in the relationship, though, and you don’t know her favorites yet, a teddy bear (or other stuffed animal) is a perfectly fine fallback gift. Do something original to you.

Pick up Lines

Pick up lines are OK as long as they aren’t obnoxious (meaning avoid the vast majority) or overtly physical related to someone you don’t know.

Make her SMILE

Girls love guys with a great sense of humor. That doesn’t mean you should never take anything seriously, or else you’ll come off as a clown.

Learn some DANCE

Take some ballroom classes to build your confidence, so you learn to lead a girl through a song. Girls love guys that can dance.

Take the first step

If you’re going to take her in your arms and sweep her off her feet on the first date, you’re about as oblivious as a fish.

Try TO be Realistic

Girls like the fact that they’re being wooed so it doesn’t help if you’re that ‘what’s his face’ at the corner thinking if you should make a move or not

Eye to Eye Effect

If you start to see her eyes always whenever start your conversation that has 0 effect on her. Those dreamy eye to eye across the room crap belong in movies. If you’re going to ever win the prize, you’ve got to tell the prize you want it.

Break the ICE

This is one of most seemingly dicey things to do, but once you have done this, holding a conversation and laughing will be easy, and you will begin to share a good rapport.

Smart Way is

A good laugh is always a smart way to break the ice. for e.g – you would show this webpage to her, and have a laugh over what is written and the whole idea of having such a page as well.

Learn to be spontaneous

Taking an improve acting class can help with ideas for breaking the ice, and can help you be confident with talking to new people. That can be very effective if you want to really woo a girl

IDEA Flows

Ideas flow and it becomes easier to enter into and disengage from conversation, and can help you be more comfortable with any situation when you both within a conversation period

Get close with the girl’s family

Try to know whether her family supports the love or against the love and make her sure about it at the very first date. That makes her more comfortable


If you found that she is valueless in her family and please try to stand beside her with true and justified reasons with clues with her in front of her family to prove that she is a nice lady


Keep it cool, because even if a girl doesn’t like you now, chances are that if you play your cards right you’ll eventually spark an interest.

Body Appearance

Wear a nice fragrance, but be warned, it can also repulse her. Think before you decide to put it on.


Don’t stalk girls. They will start to avoid you. However, dropping cute text messages every now and then is okay.

Unpredictability of GIRLS

Remember, girls are totally unpredictable. Some will be sure to act like they DON’T like you at first, because they’re afraid of giving you that idea and in turn giving you a big ego and/or making things awkward between you two.

Show More Interests

If you keep trying to show her more interests in every aspects of her life then surely She will ONLY respond with genuine interest to you.

BE More Sensitive

Girls like guys who are sweet and sensitive. Be nice to all her friends and you’ll then become more approachable.

Attitude EFFECTS

Don’t confuse her and send mixed signals. Ex: one day you’re teasing her, the next you’re admiring her…She will get confused and flustered and may give up on you.

Be Fresh by Your Breath

Girls don’t like nasty breath. Eat mints regularly and brush teeth often.

Don’t just act natural – be natural

If your girl has a brain, she’ll be able to detect that you’re trying too hard, or striving to be something you’re not. That will even cause a bad relationship ending in some cases


Nothing is sexier about man than his confidence – make it sure always. Try with everything you have to find the drawing medium which confidence is.

Be More Social

Play a sports team, and be friends with a lot of people. She won’t feel so intimidated if she knows you’re tight with other girls also.

TRUST Plays Role

Tell her what she wants to hear. Be Simple Of course, don’t lie to her, otherwise she won’t trust you.

Before Meeting to Her

Shower often, and not just with water. Actually use soap, and scrub really hard if you have failed to do this step before.

Fashionable Dress

Fashionable dress is not just for girls, Get a nice pair of shoes. A pair of cool jeans will also look cool when bought from a fashionable teen store. Same goes for shirts. Don’t just buy one outfit. Clothes should never be worn more than twice a week.

How to Call Her

Calling her pretty or beautiful is more appreciated than hot or sexy; in fact, try to avoid the latter as much as possible. That’s make a positive sense within the mind of them

Tell her Jokes

Tease her around and joke about who she likes, and bring it up often. Then she will get a sense you might be putting down all those guys because you’re waiting for her to realize the guy she should be with is YOU.

Read Her Moods

Ask her how she’s doing and try to notice her moods. If she’s sad, comfort her. If she is mad, ask her “What’s wrong?” If she does not want to talk about it, don’t force

Gentle Physical Contact

Put your arm on her shoulder and casually lean against her. It gets them every time. If she blushes or melts under your weight, that’s a good sign!

Ask her TIME to OUT

Don’t wait till forever to make your move. Ask her out the minute you think she likes you back, otherwise she’ll think you’re just in it for some action or that you’re a player.

Control Your Emotions

Treat her with respect, and don’t say rude things about her behind her back. That’s is very bad attitude for any human beings in the society, that hurts most whether its boys or girls

Don’t Force Her for DATE

Never let her pay for a date UNLESS she absolutely insists.

Be Understandable

Try to be subtle when getting to know her, if she considers you a “friend” it may make her less willing to date you.

Adjust with the condition

At times reverse and remember that when a girl doesn’t say anything thousands of thoughts are going through her head at that moment. . . maybe about you! So, it’s not a wise thing to think that she is ignoring you so she is quite

Compliment Her

Compliment her in a non-stalker way. If she’s wearing an interesting necklace, say “That’s an interesting necklace” or “That’s a cool necklace”NOT”I always like your necklaces” *scary grin*

Take Judgment

Judgment varies from men to men and women to women so If you think something’s wrong, ask her. Remember what she says and what she is saying.

Teasing HER

Cute teasing is okay. Something like”well you always look pretty”etc., in a messing-around voice is fine. Don’t tease in such a manner where she feels that your intention is to make her feel bad, sexy or make her crazy about love making


If you found her UPSET mentally and If you have that kind of relationship, walk up behind her and gently hug her around the waist. Whisper in her ear softly so she knows it’s you.

Respect HER

Don’t expect that yours ideas will be granted, try to learn what she thinks about any particular situations or topics or facts that really helps and it holds an intact relationships

It’s a MIND Game

Wooing a girl is beyond of physical attraction about a boy, it’s completely mind game where one can feel really attached with a man but emotionally

Commitment Requires

As a boy you needed to be very committed if you want to woo a girl, a girl always search for best committed boy in her life who can make her happy and satisfied in rest of the life, without being committed you can’t win her heart

Attention to Detail

Don’t avoid questions about how your day was, go into some detail. Talk to her about what you do when she is not around. Never make her feel like you are hiding something.


Too often in today’s society that line is being blurred, but the fact is woman want you to open the door or pay for the meal. In other words, chivalry is not dead and make sure she knows it. Make her feel like she is a princess by opening the door, holding her hand in public and quickly paying for all expensive on the date.


girls are naturally attracted to men who are sure of themselves. Successful guys remain calm and cool even when they see a very attractive woman. Most average men will go all out to complement an attractive lady, but this is usually not very effective.

Take care of your personal hygiene

Even girls who like their guys on the rough-looking side want them to be clean. Make sure you shower and freshen your breath before encounters with the girl you have your eye on.

Put your best foot forward

You have something to offer this girl, whether it is common interests, gentlemanly behavior or an understanding shoulder. Whatever you’re best qualities are; make sure they are visible to the girl of your dreams.

Try the traditional path

Wooing is a traditional term similar to courting or romancing. If your plan is to entice the girl through wooing, then you need to follow a traditional path. This means showing her courtesy and respect. It also means opening doors, paying for dates when you ask her out and bringing flowers or a similar token when picking her up.

Be A Problem Solver

Try to be a man who always solves problems of others. If you show this type of attitude obviously the girl will be attracted towards you and she will start thinking you as a most reliable person in her world

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