18 Things To Do On Your Honeymoon

18 Things To Do On Your Honeymoon

Romance and Love

It is a wonderful time to relax and enjoy each other’s company after surviving the hectic wedding planning process. Every day of your honeymoon should be filled with love and romance.

Feel Always Special

There are reasons that activities like riding horses on the beach are considered romantic – it is because they are! So feel free to indulge in any event or moments that will make your honeymoon more special, even if it is not an original idea.

Walk hand in Hand

Walking hand in hand on the sand with the sound of the ocean waves is a very romantic thing to do, especially in the evening under the glow of the moon.

Relaxing Couple Message

A great thing for the newlyweds to do together is to get a relaxing couples massage. What a terrific way to ease the tension out of your muscles and get into the right frame of mind for a laid back vacation.

Soaking in the Tub

Soaking in the tub together is a very romantic way to spend an evening on your honeymoon. Make the moment even more special with scented candles, a bottle of Champagne, and some fresh strawberries (preferably dipped in chocolate!).

Wedding Gifts

Another romantic thing that a man can do for his new bride is to surprise her with a beautiful piece of jewelry as one of his wedding gifts to her at honeymoon.

Spend Time Together

One of the nicest things that a couple can do on their honeymoon is just spend time together. Turn off the television, let your cell phone go to voicemail, and just bask in one another’s company without interruptions from the outside world.

Enjoy the sunsets or sunrises

Now is the time to slow down and enjoy each other. One of the most romantic activities is to sit on the beach or on a balcony and watch the sun set or rise.

Be within the Arms of Each other

Sitting in each other’s arms can enhance the experience of honeymoon. This is particularly stunning if you are in the mountains or the beach. Sitting together and watching the beauty of the nature

Candlelight dinners

It may seem a little corny, but candlelight dinners have been the hallmark of romantic activities since the beginning of time (okay, since the beginning of fire!) Some hotels or spa resorts have a romantic dinner in the package and will come to your room. If not, find a way to improvise.

Dance together

Although you may go out to enjoy nightlife, you can also enjoy dancing together in your room. Put on slow, soft music, a little candlelight or dim the lights and dance closely; from this point let nature take its course.

Other Romantic Activities

It depends a lot on where you go, you may find carriage rides, gondola rides, balloon rides, helicopter rides or many other activities that are geared just for couples. You can have those with your new bride and celebrate it

Bring along a secret satchel filled with whatever enhances your mood

A CD with tunes from your dating days to dance to, scented candles, massage oil, a feather, a toy, a slinky silk scarf. An instant camera to take snapshots of your own national treasures, preferably in various states of naughty undress, without the embarrassment of picking up your frisky film from the one-hour photo shop when you get home.

Going to a show

For grooms and brides that have chosen to have their honeymoon in a metropolitan area abroad should consider live theater, standup comedy, dance performances, and other types of shows.

Honeymoon sports

For grooms and brides that are active, the idea of playing or learning a sport or two is a natural. Of course, sports don’t need to mean extreme sports like bungee jumping, but might mean taking golf lessons or playing tennis.

Live music

You could go to have some musical party with your new bride in the honeymoon that would bring some new flavor and some passions to both of you, going to a DJ Party or nightclub for some moments are not a bad idea to enjoy your honeymoon time

Ask the locals what they do that is romantic

Strike up conversations with the local people at your destination and find out where they go for special dates. Although you will love the touristy things that you do on this trip, it could be the one local suggestion that you really remember for a lifetime and which will be the honeymoon story that you want to tell over and over again.


Cruises have become very popular for honeymoons. If you both enjoy seeing a lot of sights and want to visit many destinations, a cruise might be a good choice for you.

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