50 Amazing Beauty Tips

Tips 1

If your favorite nail polish is not looking so hot place a little nail polish remover into the bottle, put lid back on and shake well, this will give you a few more applications.

Tips 2

Applying eye-shadow on top of eyeliner with a damp cotton wool bud will keep the eyeliner in place for longer.

Tips 3

Lightly spraying a mist over a fully made up face will set the makeup and keep it in place for longer – great for brides and nights out or those extra hours at the office!

Tips 4

Eye drops placed into the eye during the day will make the eyes sparkle and help to relieve tiredness from use of the computer – great to have in your bag or on the desk.

Tips 5

Vaseline applied to feet helps keep them soft and subtle – great for the summer – flip flop weather!

Tips 6

Exfoliate the body in advance of applying fake tan to give best results.

Tips 7

Eyelash curlers give a lovely curl, which enhances the eyes.

Tips 8

Vaseline massaged into the cuticles once a week will encourage growth by feeding the new nail.

Tips 9

Eyebrow tinting – great for fair skin and fair hair as it enhances the color of the eyebrows and brings definition to eyes and face.

Tips 10

Massage is good for relaxing but it is also excellent for circulation, lymph drainage, toning, and the removal of toxins.

Tips 11

Steam your face over a bowl of hot water with a towel on your head to open the pores and draw out impurities, slosh with very cold water to close the pores and tighten skin – then apply a light moisturizer.

Tips 12

Buffing of nails encourages growth by improving the circulation

Tips 13

Vaseline on eyebrows and eyelashes applied before bedtime enhances shine.

Tips 14

Make sure you shave, wax or remove any unwanted hair at least 24 hours in advance of applying a fake tan for best results.

Tips 15

Only file your nails in one direction, otherwise it causes stress to the nail plate with causes breakages.

Tips 16

Vaseline used on eyebrows keeps them in place and looking tidy.

Tips 17

Always apply a moisturizer even if only at night – it is still important for greasy skin to be moisturized, as it protects the skin from UV rays.

Tips 18

Eyelash extensions – are great for the party season, can look natural on brides and/or are way out for parties and fun.

Tips 19

When applying false eyelashes try the glue on the inside of your arm with a plaster on top and leave for 24 hours to check for allergies.

Tips 20

Eye gel is best kept in the fridge – fantastic for puffy, tired eyes and to help after a big night out.

Tips 21

When applying a fake tan always tie back your hair and have a dark old towel at the ready.

Tips 22

Always apply a light good moisturizer to the body in advance of any fake tan application – pay special attention to hands, knees, elbows, toes etc.

Tips 23

Wear plastic gloves to stop getting orange palms when applying fake tan.

Tips 24

Moisturizer is an excellent base for the application of foundation as it stops it streaking and does not give a tidemark at the base of the face.

Tips 25

Never apply a fake tan in a hurry as it will end in tears – you need to take time and pay attention as you don’t want a streaky body! You should always leave 30 minutes before getting into bed or going out.

Tips 26

To help a fake tan fade evenly; apply a gentle exfoliate every day.

Tips 27

If you suffer with blocked sinuses try the following technique as often as you like – with your ring finger go from the top of the eye / nose area to the outer edge of the eyebrow and then under the eye area – repeat 10 times.

Tips 28

Brush your lips with an old toothbrush every day and apply Vaseline, as this will remove dead skin.

Tips 29

Don’t forget to use a water resistant SPF30 lip balm, as this will protect your lips from burning and keep them soft.

Tips 30

Never go to bed wearing your makeup as it clogs the pores that cause spots.

Tips 31

Dampen cotton wool pads with cold water and leave them in the fridge for days when your eyes need refreshing. This can also be done with cold cucumber or cold teabags, as they relieve and refresh your eyes.

Tips 32

Blot lipstick with tissue when applying each layer – this prolongs the life of the lipstick.

Tips 33

Massage regularly from outside and around the eye area with moisturizer to help remove dark shadow and bags – this assists with lymphatic drainage around the eye area.

Tips 34

To lengthen the life of nail varnish always use a base coat, two coats of color and a top coat. This gives a professional shine and keeps the varnish on the nail for longer.

Tips 35

If plucking your eyebrows apply bongela to the area, wait for 20 minutes and then pluck – this should ease the pain.

Tips 36

Exfoliate the skin regularly as this keeps the skin soft, and stops ingrown hairs after waxing.

Tips 37

Do not sunbathe or go on a sun bed for 24 hours after waxing or sugaring as follicles are open.

Tips 38

Do not go into a hot bath or shower after waxing, as the pores are wide open and it can cause problems.

Tips 39

Do not use scented products on the body after waxing or sugaring, as this can cause allergic reactions.

Tips 40

Exfoliate face and neck twice weekly as this removes dead skin cells and make you look healthy and refreshed – it gives a youthful glow.

Tips 41

If you are having a waxing it is always best to have it done between 1pm and 3pm as the pain threshold is at its highest.

Tips 42

A face mask used weekly will help to draw out all impurities.

Tips 43

Eye lash tint – great to define the lashes especially for fair skins and for anyone sporty and in the Summer.

Tips 44

When plucking eyebrows hold the pencil vertically against the side of the nose and it will show you where to pluck from. Then as you move the pencil along it will show you where the arch should be and also where it should end.

Tips 45

Vitamin E helps to feed the skin and keeps it supple.

Tips 46

Aloe Vera is great for sun burnt skin, but never apply pure aloe Vera from the plant to white skin as it is too strong.

Tips 47

During pregnancy rub olive oil into stomach, hips and thighs as it helps the elasticity of the skin thus reducing stretch marks.

Tips 48

Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day to help the complexion stay young looking and to remove toxins from the body.

Tips 49

If you are on your feet a lot, wear light support tights as they can help to reduce thread veins and varicose veins.

Tips 50

For tired feet – stand up and lift one leg at a time behind you and rotate the foot, repeat with each foot 10 times.