50 First Date Advice – How To Have A Successful First Date

How To Have A Successful First Date

50 First Date Advice How To Have A Successful First Date


It’s worthwhile preparing ahead of the date to keep the conversation flowing. Firstly, think about conversation icebreakers. Don’t be afraid of starting off with the obvious such as: , How was your journey here? , or How has your day been?

Golden Conversational Rule

Using open questions beginning with, how, what, when and why. Avoid closed questions, which elicit no’s and yes’s, these usually start with, ‘Do’, and ‘Is/Are’

Key Questions

You can ask any types of question related to him/her but still you can follow these questions such as: , What do you enjoy doing outside of work? , What’s most important to you in your life? , Where do you like to go on holiday?

For Woman

As a woman on a first date, make sure that you get your points across

For Man

Guys – make sure you take a breather and allow your date to speak. Don’t talk too much. Give her chance to express her feelings

What Not to Talk?

Avoid mentioning ex’s and if the other person asks, keep your answer brief. There is plenty of time for this subject, if you continue seeing each other. Also keep conversation relatively light and avoid politics and religion.

Appearance for Woman

Today the understatement can be far more appealing than overplaying it with a killer sexy outfit. Plunging necklines have become commonplace but you may want your date to make eye contact rather than have their eyes glued to your cleavage all night.

Appearance for Man

Women are generally impressed by men who have taken some effort over their appearance. Pay attention to the basics such as shaving, ironing your shirt and smelling nice without drowning yourself in aftershave. Don’t wear the clothes you feel most comfortable in.

Where to Go

It depends on the nature of the dates, If you are going on a relatively ‘blind’ date, it is best to arrange a shorter date, such as lunch or coffee. , If you’ve already met your date at a party or through friends and you know there is chemistry, then it could be better to plan a longer date.

Avoid Adventurous or Quirky

Don’t plan too adventurous or quirky first dates unless you already know the person fairly well. Like adventurous outfits, they are best kept for when you’ve got to know each other better.

Kiss on the first date?

It also depends on certain conditions, if you’ve already kissed when you met at a party, club or bar then it makes sense to continue with the tradition. , If you are meeting your date for the first time apply caution. A friendly kiss on the cheek shows respect and warmth.

Break The Dating Rules

DO break the dating rules. If you want to call him, call — he’ll appreciate it. If you want to make the first move, do it — why not!

Discuss Important Issues

Discuss issues that are important to you.

Don’t Arrive Late

Even five minutes of lateness is inexcusable on the first date. People are already anxious on these excursions, so making someone wait is pretty rude.

Don’t Bring Friends

If you bring friends along, you look immature and insecure. You also throw the other person for a loop if they were expecting the date to be one-on-one. Make sure you establish that it is a one-on-one date, and follow the rules and show up alone.

Have a First Date Backup Plan

No matter how many time you confirm plans, or how solid you think something is, anything can happen on a first date. Maybe one of you runs into an ex, or the show you’d planned to attend was canceled. So you need to have the backup plan for “in case situation”

Plan a Short First Date

No matter how well you think you’ll get along, a first date can change everything. Why be stuck on an all-day wine tour with someone if you aren’t feeling the sparks? Try keeping your first date to no more than one or two hours.

Agree on First Date Attire

This first date tip could be as simple as ensuring both of you are on the same page clothing-wise so that no one shows up inappropriately dressed for the occasion, to letting each other know about one piece of unusual clothing that will make you stick out in a crowd – because having to ask several people if they are your date isn’t at all fun.

Offer Appropriate First Date Compliments

If the person you’re on a first date with has something about them that appeals to you, don’t hesitate in saying so. But anything more than a compliment or two will make you sound desperate, and that’s not the kind of first impression you’re looking for.

Drink Responsibly on a First Date

Several dating disasters shared by others have focused on overflowing alcohol as the main source of conflict during a first date. So to avoid these kinds of issues, keep your intake to a minimum if you do oblige.

Groom Yourself for a First Date

It should go without saying, but unfortunately many singles still complain about first date grooming mistakes, such as meeting someone with food stuck in their teeth, bad body odor, or clothing that is way too revealing for a first date.

Please Remember It

First impressions last-a clichÈ it may seem but it’s the reality. A first date is like an entrance exam in one university. In this case, the university is your relationship. A little detail left unaccounted for may turn to be the biggest turn-off for your date.


Confirm place and time of your date. This is to have a clear picture of what you will be wearing. Know if it’s a formal dinner, a rock concert, a walk in the park or a house movie marathon.


Practice your teasing smile and your innocent smile.

Background Check

Ask help from your friends to do a little background check on your date. It pays to know what interests him/her and what doesn’t. You also need to have a list of topics that should be avoided. You must have an idea on facts such as school, job, pet, and religion. If not, you might end up blabbing about how much you hate something he/she really loves


Good grooming is a priority. Women should have their pedicure, while men need to shave.


Confirm the date. Also, make sure family and friends know you will be out the next day. You don’t want them calling you in the middle of your date for some petty stories. Tell them no calls unless there’s an emergency!

On The First Date

Have a nice bath. Don your favorite perfume. Dress up. When you are together already, make sure you focus all your attention to each other. If this is compared to a sport like basketball, this is a do or die thing. You must exert your effort to get to know your date. , , Even if your date’s question has a yes or no answer, please elaborate. He or she just cannot phrase what to say but really wants to get to know you better.

Be honest

When talking about yourself it is a good idea to tell the truth, that is if you want the relationship to last. As time goes by your partner will find out a lot more about you and if they realize that you have lied, they may then find it hard to believe and trust you in the future.

Always smile

There is nothing worse than going on a date with a person who is constantly moaning about things. Be happy, be bright, always smile and talk in a positive rather than negative way.

Go Public

Always meet in a public place, so that if anything goes pear-shaped, than you have the security of other people being present. However, to meet someone for the first time in your home or theirs just piles the pressure on. It is easier to retreat from a public place, than from a house.

Remain in Control

Your personal security is important on a first date. Being in control of the situation is imperative. Use your common sense, and trust your instincts, they may well be incorrect, but better to be safe than sorry.

Sense of Humor

Laughing together is always a good thing. If you have an amusing joke or story, tell it. A first date is about getting to know each other, so keeping things light and fun is the best way to go. Be aware that your date is probably nervous also so chuckle if their jokes are lame and give them a break.

Be Realistic

Don’t think that you are in love with the person. If this is the first date, then you don’t know the person well enough and are basing your opinions on your own ideas of them. If you expect them to be something they aren’t, you will only disappoint yourself.

Hard to Get M

Let her chase you a little bit also. Seeming too eager for a relationship can come off as desperate. This doesn’t mean you should act uninterested; just don’t seem too eager to move things into a relationship when you have only just started dating.

Hard to Get W

Don’t be too easy on the first date. Men like a little bit of chase (regardless of what they may tell you) and enjoy challenges.

If Date Is Not Going Well

If you find out that you aren’t interested in the middle of a date, have the courtesy to treat the other person with respect. You wouldn’t want to be treated rudely so don’t treat them that way. If they are persistent you can tell them that you just don’t feel that way about them and would prefer to be friends.

Finance The First Date

Finance the entire first date. I really mean that, even if she offers to pay don’t let her. There is always something about the female such as if any species favoring a mate who can provide for her and any potential offspring.

Don’t act needy or horny

If you actually get a green light for the first kiss or she allows you to go even further don’t try to get into her body just yet, especially if she is the woman you’d like to get to know better.

How to End the Date

You can do it by thanking for the company and letting him/her know that you had a great time. If he/she seems interested make preliminary plans for a second date but tell him/her that you’ll call with specifics. Wait 48 hours before you do and then discuss definitive plans.

Treat your date as your majesty

Be cautious to not check out other attractive persons while on your date. This could mean that you’re not really interested on the person in front of you.

Be an optimist, and have fun!

Avoid negative conversation like talking about how much you hate your ex, or making excuses about your job like blaming your employer. Just keep the date as light and comfortable as possible.

Connect Mentally

Consider your date’s wit and emotions. Create that mental connection by sympathizing and agreeing on each other’s likes, thoughts, and interest. But… don’t show any negative attitude by hearing all of those

Handle the issue of sex as adults

Although there are no absolute rules as to when you can have sex for the first time, you still need to be a lady/gentleman. Take it slow if the situation says it’s not possible. It’s better not to raise any topic about sex in the first date

Keep the First Date Simple

Don’t go overboard with elaborate candies and chocolates or wild gifts. If you want to give her something, a simple rose will do. Give it to her as you pick her up at her door. Giving wild gifts makes you look desperate, a rose make you look romantic. But if you give a rose, make sure the thorns are cut off.

If It’s A Dinner Date

When she’s talking during dinner, nod your head. If she’s going into a story of sorts, look into her eyes and nod your head, showing her that you’re listening. Looking at her blankly will make her feel awkward and keep her from further dialog.

Music in the car

Once you pick up your date, it is good to have music playing lightly in the background. Preferably something she will enjoy. Make sure the volume is set before you pick her up and make sure the volume isn’t at a spot to where you can’t hear what she has to say.

Pull her chair out for her

It is a nice, respectful thing to do while at a restaurant. It is the small things like this she will remember, not the movie you take her to.

Try Something New

Go somewhere new for the first date. Going to a place visited before might produce mixed feelings and cloud a date’s judgment for the present situation. Trying some place new can help create a new aura and can lead to a more open mind about the date.

Avoid Being Fraud

Do not get drunk before or during the date. Do not go on and on about yourself. Do not try to be something you’re not. To keep up a facade like that is emotionally taxing.

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