How to Sign using trackpad, Safe access to Mac, Display full url in Safari Mac


Mac has built and sustained its excellent quality of service over the generations. It has been amazing to note that Mac introduces many new features in its every updated model and therefore many of them go unnoticed. So here are some of the tricks that can give you more pleasure while running your Mac.

Sign using Track pad:Mac-Sign-with-TrackPad
Your Mac can give you relief from botheration of scanning your sign to upload it at any online portal. This is because now you can sign with your finger or get a stylus to sign through the track pad. This will help you in signing the files with PDF formats. For this you have to first open the PDF file which you wish to sign and go to preview toolbar situated next to the search field and click the toolbox icon and then click the signature icon from the opened menu which stands at sixth position both from left and right side.
After this, select create signature. A box and two tabs will appear named as Track pad and Camera. If you want to sign live then click track pad and if you want to click a picture of your signed document and want to attach it then click camera. Camera will generate a picture while the track pad will sign your PDF. So choose track pad for signing. Now follow the directions and when you are done with signature then press any key to finish and simply drag it to the place where you want to place them.

Safe access to MAC:Enable-Guest-Mac
You might be reluctant to give your Mac to your friends, relatives or the neighbor next door if any of them wants to check out the web or mail for some time. But now there is a solution for it. You can enable this feature by Clicking on Users and Groups under System preferences. This helps in displaying the account of guest user under the login screen and after they are over with it Mac automatically wipes out the session used by them along with all cookies and temporary files.

Display full URL: In Safari browser you never get to see the whole URL addresses. For instance if you are visiting a particular site say and you open certain pages on this website and the whole URL becomes  In this case safari used to show only the first show-full-website-url-safaribasic URL in its address bar. But now it can be configured to show the full address. You have to go on preferences in the browser and click the advanced tab. In its Smart Search Field you have to put a check in the box besides Show Full Website Address. This will show the complete address and can help in tracking if the details from your computer have been a victim of phishing.

These less known techniques can give you an edge over other Mac Users in your group. So try them today and keep on exploring the secrets of Mac OS X.

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