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Why Samsung dropped external SD Card

Perhaps one of the biggest gripes that people had when the Samsung S6 launched was the fact that Samsung had ‘done away’ with the external SD card functionality. Now, nobody really knows why they done this exactly, but I am going to have a pretty educated guess on this page.

Firstly, the external SD card functionality meant that people were not purchasing the Samsung devices which had more storage space on them. After all, why would you? You only need to spend a small amount of cash on an SD card, rather than the extra hundred dollars or so that a minor storage upgrade would have cost. This is, obviously, going to eat into sales for the company. Companies really do not like when something is eating into sales, so they did away with this functionality completely, also SD Cards are very slow when compared to the internal storage of Samsung S6, in this case SD Card is going to slow down the complete device if most of your datas are stored on External SD.

In addition to this, Samsung want to make as much profit as possible. As you may well know, the world of mobile devices, particularly on the upper end of the market, is incredibly competitive. People are always looking for the fastest phone with the best possible camera and boasting the best possible sound. They do not wish to pay a whole lot for it though. This is one of the main reasons as to why Samsung did away with the external SD card. Sure, it made some sales, but nowhere near as many sales as having a slightly better camera would. So, the best option for them would be to spend a little bit more on improving the camera without worrying about where they can fit in that SD card slot. Yes, the price differential is tiny, but you will be surprised at how much of a difference things can make.

Samsung had, in recent years, faced a lot of criticism for the design of their phones. The design was not bad, per se, but more…well, they did not like to change it a whole lot. Apple did, and there is a good chance that this lead to an increased number of sales for them. People always knew that they were getting something slightly different in style. This is why Samsung went through a bit of a redesign.

As you may well know, the external SD card functionality was not the only thing to go on Samsung devices. Samsung also eradicated the removable battery. For those who have had a Samsung device before, you should be more than aware that the actual SD card slot is behind the battery compartment. If you can’t remove that battery any more, you do not really have anywhere to put the SD card slot. Phones are thin nowadays and space on the side of the device is at an absolute premium. The best option for Samsung would be to eradicate the SD card slot completely. There would be no sense in them taking the time to work out where to put the card as there was absolutely no real boost in sales because of it, You can Buy Samsung S6 From Amazon.

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