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Why iOS Software Updates are Better Than Android Software Updates?

iOS, as you may well know, is the name of the operating system on mobile devices made by Apple i.e. the iPad and iPhone. It is also available on some versions of the iPod. On this page, we are going to take a little look at why iOS software updates are far superior to Android operating system updates, the competitor to Apple.


Now, many people will say that iOS nowadays tries to copy Android as much as possible. It does, to some extent. However, when Apple try to do something with their operating system, they make sure that they go above and beyond to ensure that the operating system boasts better features. Sure, features may take a while to come out for iOS, but you can be sure that they are going to be better than the Android equivalent in the vast majority of cases.



One of the benefits of purchasing an Apple phone is that the updates tend to be highly optimized. Android operating system releases need to cover a broad spectrum of different phones and hardware. It is impossible for the Android update to work perfectly on each and every one of them. This means that one day you may have a phone which works exceedingly well, and the next it just performs sluggishly. You are not going to have to worry about that with an iOS update. The update would have been tested over and over again on the exact device that you are using. This means that there will be an improvement in your device. You do not have to sit around waiting for a fix in the vast majority of cases. Yes, Apple are guilty of pushing poor quality updates from time to time. Not everything can be tested perfectly. However, they tend to patch these bugs pretty quickly.


Apple produce the operating system that they use on their phone. Google produce Android, an open source operating system. Now, open source has plenty of benefits. Many phone manufacturers will play about with the code to make it work better for them. However, open source also has its downsides. Anybody can access open source code. This means that anybody, with the knowledge to do so at least, put together malicious software that you could accidentally include on your phone. In addition to this, the manufacturers who rewrite the operating system for their own purposes may play about with the code and break it, never to release a fix (the standard Google operating system will be tough to work with). So, in short, Apple coding is closed coding. This means that the only people who can view the code are those that work for Apple. This means that the security of iOS operating system updates tend to be slightly better and thus safer for you to use.



Recently some SSL vulnerabilities (Heart-bleed, Freak) were identified by security researchers, Apple did release the patched software updates after a few days but in case of android Google does not release any updates for Android versions prior to 4.4 -KitKat, Its a free pass for Hackers to steal your Credit card & personal informations, even if Google releases security updates, the company vendors (Samsung, HTC, LG) which makes the android phone must apply the Patch to the source code and push the update to the Phone, in most of the cases an Android user never get the latest updates or security updates, but  Apple doesn’t rely on third party, it release the updates on time, an iPhone user is 99% secure than an Android user.

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So, in summary, if you are looking for one of the best operating system experiences around, you should always opt for Apple devices.