What Is The Best Way To Not Waste Life

Let’s say you live a 100-year life. Wow! Aren’t you lucky? That’s a long time. What will you do with all those years? Let’s try to get some perspective. Imagine ten boxes. Like the following image: Every box represents ten years of

How Can You Identify Intelligent People

In the above picture, it shows a race. A race between dogs and the fastest land animal, the cheetah. The cheetah doesn’t need to race because it knows it will win. It doesn’t need to prove anything. Now if you want to find the smartest

Fix Adsense Blank Ads Problem

Adsense publishers gets frustrated when their valuable ad space goes unoccupied. I know that hard feeling. I have been a google advertising partner for a long time & I know the cause of blank ads and how exactly to fix it, I have