Fix Adsense Blank Ads Problem

Adsense publishers gets frustrated when their valuable ad space goes unoccupied. I know that hard feeling. I have been a google advertising partner for a long time & I know the cause of blank ads and how exactly to fix it, I have

How I Fixed WordPress “Updating Failed”

After updating Wordpress, it was a nightmare, it started throwing errors & the new editor was awesome infact, but also it had severe errors One of them was "Updating failed", throw in Post editor, I saw the forum many users were

Fixing wp_termmeta doesn’t exist error

Use this SQL query to add manually the wp_termmeta table in your WordPress Database if there is the error wp_termmeta doesn’t exist PHP message: WordPress database error Table 'blog.wp_termmeta' doesn't exist for query SELECT

Celebrate Women’s Day

To be a woman is a great deal of responsibility. It isn't easy to be her. We are forever grateful to her for being strong, beautiful and determined as she is. But today on the occasion of International Women's day, it's time we say it out…

50 Amazing Beauty Tips

Tips 1 If your favorite nail polish is not looking so hot place a little nail polish remover into the bottle, put lid back on and shake well, this will give you a few more applications. Tips 2 Applying eye-shadow on top of eyeliner with…

92 Tips For Effective Presentations

Know; How many Know; how many people will be in attendance. Identify the kind of Identify the kind of work or profession attendance do. Know attendance's level of Know attendance's level of understanding about your subject. You may…

101 Ways to Make Perfect Your Skin

Tips 1 Have pimples on your chin or jaw line? Could be all that talking on the phone! Really! Pressure and bacteria from the phone receiver can irritate your skin. The solution: Don't press it against your face and clean the receiver daily…