CleanTalk Antispam Review: Say goodbye to Bots & Spams forever

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Before getting any further into the CleanTalk Antispam Review, there are some things about this topic that you need to keep yourself informed about. The thing is any website, especially ones that have forums and blogs are extremely prone to spamming. Now you may be wondering where all this spamming comes from or what the purpose of doing this is. But before any of that, you need to know who or what is responsible for spamming in the first place.

What is a Spambot?

The simple answer to that goes by the name of a spambot. It is basically a computer program that is made such that it can send random anonymous spam in the form of emails or blogs. It collects or harvests tons of e-mail addresses from all over the internet and generates a mailing list in order to send anonymous mail. This sort of mail is termed as spam. You probably come across tons and tons of spam whenever you open your e-mail account.

What is the purpose of a Spambot?

Now you may be wondering what good can someone achieve by using a computer program to send a random meaningless e-mail to other people. Usually, the main objective of such spamming is to advertise a fake or malicious website. You will often find emails with a link attached to them. Never click those links! The moment you do, there is a high chance that a certain malware or malicious software can infect your computer and cause damage.

Countering Spambot

Now there are a lot of ways that can be used for countering such spam bots. Different companies apply different methods for doing so. There are many companies which secure their forums and blogs with the help of a security measure termed as a captcha. This is basically a sort of puzzle which can only be solved by a human being. Other websites make use of separate plug-ins to take care of these bots. One such anti-spambot plugin is known as ‘Clean-Talk Anti-Spam.’ And here is a CleanTalk Antispam Review.

CleanTalk Antispam Review Overview

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When it comes to a CMS (short for Content Management System), spamming is very common. This is because such sites tend to have a lot of blogs, forums and spaces for having a group conversation. As such, these bots get a free opportunity to do as they please and spam the whole place over. That is where this plug-in named Anti-spam comes into play. It is one of the most popular plug-ins for WordPress following Akismet very closely in second place.

Anti-spam works with the help of a cloud-based service which is devised in a way that can stop all the spam comments, spam accounts, spam contacts, trackbacks and so on. There is no more the need for any captcha or math based puzzle for the user to solve. It has been reported that such measures only serve to put off users from using your site. As such, Anti-spam does the job of removing them without removing their functionality from your website.

How does it work?

Now you may be wondering how a simple plug-in is capable of removing all these seemingly endless spams right? To be fair, this plug-in is extremely clever to begin with.

  • As mentioned before, this does not rely on any sort of captcha or puzzles. Instead, it makes use of a database full of blocked IP addresses and blocked e-mail addresses. It makes use of these details in order to check submission validity each time. Thus, such data is accumulated in order to make sure that no bot can pass through.
  • It also makes use of the simple idea that since bots are basically programmed instructions, they have the capability of replying quicker than humans do. For instance, if you post a comment on a thread seconds after it has been posted, you cannot be human.
  • But what about evaluating the relative nature of a comment? That is also a simple question. It simply compares the main content of the text or body of the message with the keywords and subject of the website you own.

CleanTalk AntiSpam Prevents Spam Registrations

One of The Best thing that i love about using CleanTalk is, It Blocks Spam Registrations too so i can turn off Captcha, completely making easy for real users to register & comment Quickly

Tracking and Logging spam comments

One of the best aspects of the Anti-spam plugin, as reported in every CleanTalk Antispam Review, is that you can use it to track all of the comments reported as spam on your website. There is a control panel for this plug-in where you can see all the different websites that have been set up with the help of Anti-spam. The homepage allows you to see some basic statistics regarding spam as well. If you want more details, then you should head over to the Analytics section of the control panel.

Supported CMS’s

When it comes to the different Content Management Systems, Clean Talk has support for a lot of them. Of course, WordPress is, without a doubt, the most popular amongst all of them. Regardless, here are some of the others that you may know or need in the future:

And as far as the different API’s (Application Program Interface) are concerned, Clean Talk supports a lot of them as well. Here are some of them:

  • Perl 5
  • .NET 4.5
  • Ruby
  • PHP
  • YII Framework
  • Python 2/3

Android and iPhone Support

Clean Talk has taken the extra step of setting up different mobile apps for Android and iPhone platforms in order to view the traffic statistics on your website along with the total number of spam for the past few days. You can do so with the help of any Android/iPhone phone from any place. Now isn’t that a convenient thing for any website owner? You will also get daily notifications regarding all the anti-spam reports from your website. With all these features, is there any reason to not use Anti-spam for your website? If this CleanTalk Antispam Review is not convincing enough for you, then nothing will, Get CleanTalk Plugin with Special Discount Here

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