Adsense Async Ads vs Sync Ads Which Pays me More

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Should you use asynchonous adsense code or synchronous adsense code to earn more ?
Here is the answer
Page-speed has became significantly an important fact to consider when you optimize your website cause users don’t want to wait more than 2 seconds
Well you should minimize the page size with in 1 mb but its not easy
and the Ads uses a lot of bandwidth too so google page speed recommend the use of asynchronous Adsense but should you be using it?

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When you use Synchronous ads user must wait until the Ad load, which will definitely increase page load time

Adsense Sync ads advertisement Synchronous loading
When using adsense Synchronous Adunits, ads will be loaded one by one in a blocking manner so browser have to wait to for the ads to be loaded


Adsense ASync ads advertisement ASynchronous loading
When using Adsense Async Adunits, Ads will be loaded simultaneously without blocking other web resources like javascript, css and images. user will be able to view the website without  waiting for the ads to load

When you use async Adcodes, content and Ads will be loading simultaneously this will ensure that page content load faster, the Ads will be visible when the async code has loaded and will pop suddenly most of the times, user would be able to scroll through content even before the ads load but this is bad for you publisher

You can read a little more about async and synchronous ads in Hacking Tigers website

Think that you have a responsive website with a 320×100 header ad, when a user suddenly visit your site he would be able to browse the site and probably scroll down before the first async ad loads, cause it will take some time to load the async script and load first ad but then the rest ads will be loaded quickly, so even if the first ad has been loaded user doesn’t have see it as he would be able to browse the site too quickly before the ad loads, this is the same thing happens in desktop too so having async Adcodes have some downsides too

So my advice here is to have the first Adunit as a synchronous Adunit and rest as asynchronous, the is very simple, user will not be able to browse the site before the first Ad load, you can tweak it a little more by placing async script in head section of html cause async will start loading ad resources without blocking any css, images and javascript but when it starts to render html, browser will wait for the first synchronous Adcode to load, while it load the first Ad user will not be able to browse or scroll down, this ensures that user see the first Ad all the time, Its always the header Ad which pays the highest amount so make this change and you’ll definitely feel a great improvement in earnings

This will not slow down your website, cause google Adsense servers are fast enough to serve the resources with in milliseconds

When the following javascript loads, it will be cached by browser for two hours, there are a lot of chance that its been already cached on a users browser because he/she is not going visit your site firstly, most websites uses google adsense, so there are a lot of chances its been already cached

<script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>

It is also advised to have asynchronous javascript once in head section of your website

<script async src="//"></script>

Adsense Asynchronous ADS vs Synchronous Ads How to Earn More

So make your first Ad as synchronous Ad and start earning more right now

definitely making all ads synchronously will boost your total income but will reduce user engagement and page-speed wait for few days

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