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Do you know what you can do for just $5? Perhaps, you might want to work for it and earn the money through websites. It is possible with a website called as Fiverr. You should know that the website is one of the best marketplaces for services. You can get work done for as low as $5 and no surprises with calling it by the name.

You can find thousands of freelancers who like to use the website and get work done. They provide their services for clients all over the world and earn handsomely. The thing is, there are many websites around, which are scams and do not provide what they claim. Fiverr is not a scam.

Using it, you can provide your services to international clients using business cards, funny introduction videos, logos, illustrations, user tests, and voice-overs. The founders of the website are Shai Wininger and Micha Kaufman, who created and started Fiverr. Those of you who do not have a permanent job and want to earn good bucks will want to join in by giving your services on Fiverr.

Why you must choose Fiverr?

It is a genuine work platform which gives you the opportunity to perform tasks and earn well. You can start from the lowest amount and earn up to as much as you can. There are many skills from which you can decide. This is probably the main advantage. It mainly focuses on writing, programming, and marketing, which are pretty simple and easy tasks.

It is perfect for both sellers and buyers. You can buy as well as sell your services. When you require somebody to design a business logo or wedding invitations, you can check it out. There are many dedicated and talented freelancers who like to do work for a fair price. You cannot ask for more.

How does Fiverr work?

You can do a free registration on Fiverr. The projects which are present on the website are known as a gig. After having an account, you should specify the services you can provide. Depending on the skill set, you will want to write. When buyers order your services, the website will ask if you want to accept their offers.

Once that is done, you receive payment after completing the gigs. The money can then be withdrawn using your PayPal account. For buyers an account has to be created. Mention what kind of service you are looking for and your budget. You will then want to place the order and pay for the service through your PayPal or credit card.

You can take 48 hours to ask for fixes or revisions give a feedback and write a review based on the experience.

Fiverr affiliate program

There is an affiliate program on Fiverr which is extremely useful. This is perfect for those having a website and wants to make some money. All you need to do is join the Fiverr affiliate program. The website pays for affiliates to drive traffic into their website and then increase the number of service buyers.

It helps you track every click, action, and conversion. They offer you with a commission for every first-time buyer once a month. You can keep track of your reports and commissions.

Tips for making money on Fiverr

If you want, you can make plenty of money using Fiverr. All you need to is, set up a few good Fiverr gigs. It is not easy as you think. This is the reason many people find it hard to make money due to lack of guidance. Here are some tips which can help you make you make money on Fiverr.

  • Provide a unique service

You will want to provide a unique service which is reliable and genuine for clients. This way, they will definitely want to hire you. Supposing you find that similar users are providing similar kind of service, then you do not want to give up soon. Keep trying harder to become better. You never know where your potentials lie in.

  • Find gigs to sell which you can do repetitively

You will want to find gigs which you can sell as well as do repetitively. Sometimes it may not seem challenging. However, you will want to keep trying and working on the same gig for several clients. Unless you can handle that, you will never be able to take advantage of the opportunity which comes in your way.

  • Deliver your Fiverr gigs on deadline

Delivering the gigs on deadline is always good. You never want to cause unnecessary delays otherwise clients can always look elsewhere, unless your work is pretty good. So, make sure that you deliver as promised. You can always inform them in case of delays citing a valid reason. Providing quality work gets you more clients and plenty of projects.

  • Optimize your Fiverr listings 

This sounds hard to do and will take some time. You will want to learn about search engine optimization and make yourself known to the world. This way, people will know that you exist and provide you with work. Merely adding videos, photos, and a keyword-optimized description might not do the thing.

  • Work towards becoming a Level 1 seller

You will want to know that Fiverr has seller levels and each of them come with a unique set of perks. Once you are able to get these levels, you get a badge next to your name and the work which you are capable. This helps clients to put their trust in you. When you want to become a level 1 seller, you need to be a member on Fiverr for at least a month and complete 10 orders.

  • Look what your competitors on Fiverr are doing

You will want to take a look at the work your competitors are working on and do accordingly. What are the kinds of projects they do? What are the types of keywords they use? What kind of photos or videos they have? You need to always keep an eye on your competitors as you never know what you can learn from them.

Those of you who always wanted to turn work into a passion or as income will want to know that Fiverr is a great website to start. You can become a member for free and start using the site. They take 20% cut from all your earnings, which is not very high. The website offers you with the perfect opportunity for you to gain experience too.

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