Why you should write at least 1000 words for a Guest Blog

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When it comes to guest blogging, there are several people out there who will pump out short posts in a bid to get as many out there as possible. This is not good. When it comes to guest blogging, you should be creating 1000 word posts at the very minimum. Let us explain why this is the case.


As you may know, Google (and other search engines) are taking a negative view upon guest posts which are clear spam. When articles are created solely for the purpose of sharing links and the like, the guest post writer will probably be producing a couple of hundred words at a time, not good. As a result, Google is likely to ignore that content when it comes to their search engine ranking algorithm. This means that you are going to get absolutely no benefit from having it posted!

Content Needs To Be Of a High Quality

The search engines make their money by displaying advertising. The only way in which they will be able to display that advertising is if people visit them. The only way in which they will be able to get people to visit them is if they rank content based upon quality. The shorter a guest post is, the less likely it is to be of a high quality.

Shorter guest posts suffer from two issues:

  • They contain information which can be found on other websites. Why should Google rank you higher than those other websites? The chances are that they are doing better with that content.
  • There is not enough useful information there. People head to the search engines to find out answers to the questions that they have. A shorter post is probably not going to have the answers that they need. Of course; there are a few exceptions to this, but they are very rare exceptions!

It is not just for the benefit of the search engines here either! You have to remember that if you choose the website that you are putting content on well, then there are going to be actual people reading it. If you have a short post, they won’t give it the time of day. If these people are not reading your content, then that means that they are not going to discover ‘you’ and visit your website. This means that they are not going to bother visiting. In addition to this, if the content that you are producing can be found elsewhere. Why would they bother to visit your website? They will just think that the content you have is nothing new for them either, so they just won’t do it. It is not worth their time.

Remember; if you have a longer blog post, you are going to come across as more reputable in the industry. If you are working in the same niche and have posts on a number of different websites, then your reputation will shoot up. People will think that you really know what you are talking about. This means that they will be more likely to visit your website.

You are more flexible with keywords

If you are guest posting, then you are probably going to want to incorporate keywords and the like into your content. The problem, however, is that when you have a couple of hundred words, the keywords are going to look like they have been ‘forced’ into it. This is not going to be good. As you know (and as we mentioned before), Google are starting to really cut back on ranking websites which go overboard with their keyword density. You are not going to get any benefit from it.

In addition to this, when you have a bit more flexibility with keywords, you will be able to start to incorporate more keywords. This means more opportunities to rank (do not go overboard, obviously). In fact, the major benefit of a longer guest post is that you will start to rank for longer tail keywords that you did not even try to rank for in the first place. This will generate a substantial amount of visits to the post and, subsequently, to your website.

Longer posts are more likely to be shared

This is perhaps one of the best benefits of long guest blogs. You would think that shorter posts are more likely to be shared, however, studies have indicated that articles that are over 1000 words in length tend to get shared up to 68% more times. Remember; each and every time this content is shared naturally through social media, it is going to help it on an SEO level.

In addition to this, many people have found that those longer posts tend to have more interaction. So, if there is a comment functionality on the blog page, people are more likely to talk about it. They will ask questions and the like. When people are discussing content like this, the page will naturally have more keywords added to it. When this happens, the page becomes ranked for more keywords, which means that you are going to get more ‘benefit’ from having the link on the website.

It can be more than 1000 words!

Try not to aim for 1000 words exactly. You should always aim for a little bit over 1000 words. There are some sources which indicate that the ideal length for a post is about 1600 words nowadays. Although, admittedly, this is not something that may be right for you, at least if you are producing dozens of guest posts at a time. Always go for 1000 words of quality content. It is going to be far, far better than pumping out 1600 words of fluff!

If you can, try to incorporate some pictures and the like into the blog post too. Not only will it make it easier to read, but the search engines love posts which boast different types of media.

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