Guest Blogging Mistakes

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Everybody seems to have their own idea of how to go about guest blogging. There are some bloggers out there who state that it is the best method for growing a blog. Others out there claim that guest blogging is not worth the time and effort they put in. They get no benefit out of it. You may be one of those people who have tried to guest blog and managed to get no benefit. What is the truth? Well, you can get a ton of traffic from guest blogging, you just need to know how to do it well.

What is the biggest mistake made by guest bloggers?

If you are guest blogging just because somebody else has told you that it is a good idea, then you are doing it wrong. If you want to be successful when it comes to guest blogging, you want to know why you are doing it in the first place. If you do not know why you are doing it, then you are not going to have clear objectives. Without clear objectives, you will have a lack of focus. This can make it difficult to know where you are targeting your posts.

In addition to this, many people don’t understand what success is. Having the wrong definition means that they are barely going to stand a chance of being successful as they do not understand what success means when it comes to guest blogging. Let us give you an example.

Many people who guest blog seem to think that a successful guest post is one that gets a ton of comments and shares. Now, while this is great and all, that is not what makes a guest post successful. Not for you, at least. Those comments and shares are benefitting the website where you put the guest post. They are not benefitting you directly, at least not in any immediate manner.

The Only Metric You Should Be Focusing On

The reason why you are guest blogging is so that you will be able to grow your own blog. You are not blogging to grow somebody else’s blog, so why are you focusing on that? The only thing that matters is the amount of traffic you are getting from that post…sort of.

Traffic is not the only goal you should be focusing on. Traffic is not good if people are landing on your website and then disappearing without doing anything. That is not good. You should not be focusing on using guest blogging as a way to generate back links to your website either. Google, and other search engines, are really trying to cut that out right now. Guest bloggers are being hammered from all manner of different directions.


You have one goal and one goal only when it comes to guest blogging. This is to get more people on your email subscriber list. You do have one of those, right? If you do not, then you should not even be thinking about guest blogging. You need to get a mailing list.

When you have people on your mailing list, it shows that they trust you and they want to hear from you on a regular basis. This is viable metric as you don’t really want to care about the people who are going to visit your website once and disappear. This is pointless. You want people who are going to make you money. When they sign up to your mailing list, you are going to have the opportunity to build up a relationship with them. Anybody who works in marketing will know that building up this relationship is absolutely vital.

As these people have already pre-qualified themselves for picking up your products, you just need to send out an email every so often i.e. when you have a new product that has been released. This means that these people are more likely to come back and buy from you. You have that relationship, after all. You have demonstrated that you can be trusted.

When you send out your emails, you will find that the number of hits on your website goes up. These are not people who are visiting a couple of times and forgetting about you. The people that are landing on your website are those who are returning. Basically, you will be living the dream of a marketer!

Guest Blogging Like a Pro

Once you know what you are aiming for when it comes to guest blogging, you need to make sure that you do it properly. With a well-placed post, it is perfectly feasible that you will be able to generate over 100 subscribers to your mailing list every day. In fact, in many cases it will probably end up being a whole lot more than that. It is all dependent on how well you write and, perhaps more importantly, where you are placing those posts.

You obviously are not going to end up with a ton of people on your website if you are targeting your posts strictly at websites which have a few dozen hits here and there. There is no money to be made on these websites. The real money comes from websites which have thousands upon thousands of people reading every single post. Of course, it can be tough to find these websites, but when you do, you will have hit upon a gold mine. So, we want to close out the second half of this article by talking about the biggest mistakes that people make when it comes to guest blogging.

Mistakes People Make

If you are going to be guest blogging, then you need to write well. You need to demonstrate that you can engage your audience and provide them with value. However, this is not all that you are going to need to do. You are also going to need to ensure that you avoid a plethora of different mistakes.

Mistake One: You Choose the Wrong Target Blog

There are Two mistakes you can make here:

  1. There are not enough readers on that blog to make it worth the effort that you are putting in.
  2. The readers that are there are not a good match for what you are writing about.

Many bloggers don’t bother to think about this. These people go on to write hundreds and hundreds of guest posts. They get no new subscribers.

In addition to this, if you choose the wrong target people, then it does not matter how many people read your guest post, they aren’t going to subscribe to your website.

It is very difficult to determine whether a site is big enough for you. We suggest that you read through their monthly numbers, if they are given to you. You want them to have about 5,000 people subscribed and 100,000 monthly visitors. Anything less than this and you are wasting your time.

If there are no numbers immediately available, then these tips will help:

  • Read their social media accounts. Thousands of likes on them will indicate they are semi-popular.
  • See how many times their posts get shared via social media.
  • Head to Alexa and check out the blog on there.

As mentioned before, you also need to think about who is reading the blog. Let’s say you are running a website which caters for more experienced people in a niche, you are probably not going to want to be putting together a blog post for new people. There is no benefit to this.

The Topic You Choose is Abysmal

You can make a mistake here by three ways:

  • You choose a topic that none of the readers will care about. If you do that, nobody is going to bother coming to your website.
  • You choose a topic which is not related to the website at all. Or, if it is related, it is so mildly related that nobody is going to bother reading it.
  • You choose a topic that is not tied to what your blog is about. You could make the best guest post in the world, but you don’t want people heading over to your website and realizing that this is not the type of thing that you discuss normally.

Perhaps the best way to determine what you should write about is to follow these tips:

  • Look at the most popular posts on the website. Look at the ones which seem to crop up the most often and write based around these topics.
  • See which topics have the most shares and comments. Some topics will probably get more than others.
  • Choose a topic which relates to what your blog is all about.

You have a bad call to action

People don’t like to take action. Seriously. They may think that they do, but they don’t. They just put it off. As a guest blogger, it is your mission to ensure that people click through the links that you have on the website. You don’t want them to do it later. You want them to do it now.

Contrary to popular belief, sticking a link at the bottom of a post is not going to be enough. Nobody is just going to click that link. You have not given them a reason to. You need to give them a reason to click a link. The best way is a link in your byline (i.e. the short biography about you at the end of the article)

If people are not clicking the link, then you know that it is terrible. Tell people what to do. For example, this is not good:

  • A link to your website.

This is good:

  • Discover more on the website.

You are commanding people to do what you want. You need to be assertive. If you are not assertive, then you are not going to get anybody to visit your website, let alone subscribe to your mailing list.

You have an awful landing page

It is all well and good getting people to click through the links to get to your website. But, do you know what is not good? Having them leave your website right away! You need to make sure that the landing page is relevant to the interests of your reader. This means that you should not link to your home page. This is not going to benefit the reader in the slightest. Make the page relevant to the blog post that you have made.

It is not possible to convert 100% of the people that land on your website. However, I see no reason as to why you won’t be able to convert 50% of those people. This may seem a little higher than most conversion rates, but remember; you have seriously pre-qualified these people.


Make an offer on your landing page which will be far too good for them to turn down. The better the offer is, the more people will subscribe.

The way we see it, there are three components to a successful landing page:

  • A quality headline.
  • A list of reasons why people should subscribe to your mailing list.
  • A call to action. This needs to have a way of getting people signed up to your list.

Of course, there will always be other variables at play when it comes to guest blogging. You just need to continue testing to find out what works and what does not.

Your Freebie Sucks

You are going to need to give people an incentive to sign up to your mailing list. If you do not, then you will not have anybody sign up to it. However, you also need to ensure that what you offer them is good. It needs to be relevant to your guest post’s topic. The connection has to be very strong too!

Many people will change up their freebie based around the topic they are writing about. This is something that we encourage you to do.

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