How to Be Popular In Twitter

How to Be Popular In Twitter

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1 Content


To become popular in Twitter you need to create some excellent contents.

2 How do you build a network?

How do you build a network?

This can be the hardest part about Twitter. Begin by having an outstanding profile image, link to your blog and a very short but eye catchy description.

3 Make it Interesting

Make it Interesting

Make all your tweets interesting don’t just tweet any old rubbish. That can bring so many followers

4 Grow the Followers

Grow the Followers

If you want to post about what you had for tea then wait until you have a large following. The main aim at the start is to build a good reputation.

5 Be More Meaningful

Be More Meaningful

Being popular really isn’t a great objective, but being meaningful to your specific network is much more important. So at first decide on a small objective about what you want to achieve through Twitter.

6 Use ONLINE Experience

Use ONLINE Experience

Use online techniques to attract people as you would do in several social media websites. This will really give you more advantage while using Twitter networking.

7 Value to Tweet

Value to Tweet

Add value when you tweet.

8 Pay close attention to Trending Topics

Pay close attention to Trending Topics

Pick one you think everyone will take interest in, and write a tweet about it.

9 Be Constructive

Be Constructive

Think in a constructive way and you should not write just anything. Say something interesting, funny, and clever, anything that you think will catch the attention of those you want to follow you.

10 Known for your impeccable wit?

Known for your impeccable wit?

Tweet some of your hilarious insights on that English teacher, or whatever situation you might be in.

11 Follow one or Two

Follow one or Two

If you can catch the attention of a band or actor or famous person you enjoy by tweeting at them and if they tweet back, people of like interests will probably notice you.

12 Interesting Avatar

Interesting Avatar

People say this all the time, but remember, have a unique and interesting avatar! This is very important!

13 Share NEWS and Views

Share NEWS and Views

Keep up with news and offer your opinions about it. If you’ve been successful with the other tips, you should have a few followers by now who’ll respond to you, which will catch the attention of THEIR followers.

14 Follow always Popular People

Follow always Popular People

Don’t forget to follow lots of popular-ish people who might return the favor. That has an extra advantage to become popular in Twitter



OMG THESE FRIES ARE GOOD these are cute, but if you want followers other than your mom and best friend, try to write about things people actually care about.

16 Tweet Regularly

Tweet Regularly

Tweet regularly, but Tweet sense. Think of what could be essential to your followers – what you think could add some value to their time & Tweet about that. You have to keep it in less than 140 words!

17 Use Plug-in

Use Plug-in

Use the Twitter Plug in for Word press. This helps you send a Tweet anytime you post. You may wish not to publish certain posts on Tweet & the plug in has the option to do that too.

18 Take help from Blog sidebar

Take help from Blog sidebar

Show your Tweeter activities on your blog sidebar. This is a nifty way to let your readers know what you are busy with at that moment.

19 Use Twitter Apps

Use Twitter Apps

Use Twitter apps to search for popular Tweets. Addict automatic helps you search for the hot Tweets & Tweet Beep sends you an email alert every time Twitter finds a match to your search. With these you can easily find out the other people on Twitter who are talking about topics useful to you or you can contribute too.

20 Smart Manner

Smart Manner

Say Thanks & Say it often. Well you are thankful to anyone who is following you, but you should be especially thankful who are willing to engage in more meaningful conversations with you. They are equally inclined to build an online Twitter community with you. Return the favor with contributions & a simple thank you.

21 Re Tweet Effect

Re Tweet Effect

Re-Tweet – picked this up from Kevin Rose, the architect & founder of Dig. Kevin explains re tweeting as broadcasting a tweet to your group. This is a viral way of spreading any messages from one network to another.

22 Create activities in your twitter groups

Create activities in your twitter groups

You should be used to do a lot of asking questions & asking for suggestions to your Twitter groups. Many of the people following you would not respond, simply because they are busy following people. There would always be some who would take the time to respond. They are very valuable members of your Twitter followers. Track them carefully.

23 Profile with Essential Information

Profile with Essential Information

You should post a picture of your self – this helps people to put a face to a name. If you are serious about your Twitter community, do not post scenery on your profile. Most suspicious people and spammers would put up a vague picture. You can usually block such followers. Use your primary website or blog as a link to your portfolio.

24 Response with answers in the community

Response with answers in the community

Answer questions in your twitter community. If anyone has asked for information or help, respond with your thoughts & follow through. It is all right if you do not know what to answer, but if you do, reach out to help! Online communities are all about helping & co-operation. If you cannot help while you can, you will not be helped either.

25 Twell0w


In 3 words – Twitter Yellow Pages. This is something that you’re going to want to use in learning How to Become a Twitter Rock star.   So keep it handy.

26 How to use it

How to use it

Be Passionate, willing to learn, and share lot of value through your tweets that would make you popular automatically

27 Frequently do Tweet

Frequently do Tweet

Tweet frequently about anything that interests you but still don’t try to tweet with unnecessary things which may lead out from familiarity

28 Treat EQUALLY


Make friends like crazy, be caring and lovely to everyone equally. Don’t hurt anyone through your answers or tweets

29 Share your Values

Share your Values

Share the value of tweets with the community – Retweet valuable tweets and always try to re tweet with different aspects and talk about good and nice issues

30 Don’t Follow Styles

Don’t Follow Styles

Have your own style; people will love you for what you are. Don’t try to copy or follow others profile making styles or biography writing styles and so on

31 Be genuine

Be genuine

Be genuine, not everyone are Social Media Enthusiasts on Twitter. So if you share your values and judgments in a false or fake way then you will get the results of non-popularity on Twitter

32 Treat it as LIVE Party

Treat it as LIVE Party

Well, basically what that means is think of being on Twitter like being at a party. You are standing there and people are talking all around you. When you see or hear someone that interests you, you go up and say hi and introduce yourself. Do the same on Twitter.

33 Use @reply

Use @reply

Once you begin to follow a few people and they start tweeting things that spark your attention, send them a @reply. Introduce yourself. You’ll eventually get to tweeting about things that interest you. There’s a good chance someone else will see that and walk up and join the conversation.

34 Show Genuine Interaction

Show Genuine Interaction

The more genuine interaction you have with people, the more followers you will gain. And you have to be a little patient. You won’t get 40,000 followers overnight.

35 Act and DO Accordingly

Act and DO Accordingly

Be genuine in your conversations at the Twitter party. Tweet interesting and engaging content and watch how other popular people at the party act. Do as they do.

36 Keep It Personal

Keep It Personal

Above all, please keep it personal, Although Twitterers like CNN breaking news have been very successful, generally, corporate Twitter accounts are a mistake. So it’s wise thing to make it personal

37 Use Personal Contents

Use Personal Contents

You should include personal content and a dialogue with followers. This is important because it enables you to make a connection with your followers. An open and honest relationship with followers is very powerful. It builds trust, loyalty and engagement.

38 Passions and Life

Passions and Life

Tweet about your passions in life and #hash tag them. Quality content coupled with an easy way to find it never fails. If others enjoy your content, they’ll add you.

39 Bring it to physical life

Bring it to physical life

Bring your twitter account into the physical world. Every time I give a talk, speak on a panel, shoot a podcast, present slides, or hand out business cards, I figure out a way to broadcast or display my twitter account.

40 Pay Attention to top Twitter Users

Pay Attention to top Twitter Users

Follow the top twitter users and watch what they tweet. Pay attention to the type of content they sent out and how they address their audiences.

41 Quick Tips 1

Quick Tips 1

Twitterholic: Find out who the most popular Twitter users are at any given moment.
 Social Brand Index: Use this directory to find competitors and potential clients on Twitter.
 WeFollow: This directory categorizers users by tagging.
 Twellow: Twellow is a popular people directory for Twitter users. Search by location, friends, followers, keyword or by category.
 Who Should I Follow?: Let this tool help you find new friends on Twitter.
Tracking Twitter: Discover which Twitter feeds are the most popular in media, entertainment and consumer products.
TWEETSGURU: Automate your Twitter account through this site.

42 Quick Tips 2

Quick Tips 2

Just Tweet It: Find people to follow by clicking on industry categories like education, domainers, aviation, filmmakers and more.
 twibs: With twibs, you can look up businesses who tweet.
twittervision: Find random tweeters whose conversations pop up on a Google map.
Twemes: Twemes is another word for hashtags, and this site follows popular subject matter and keywords.
 Tweeter Tags: Declare your tweets by tagging yourself on this site. Then, find other like-minded users to follow and research.
Twitter Fan Wiki: This research source finds conversations, non-person Twitterers, feature requests, fakers, media and more.

43 Tweet during peak hours

Tweet during peak hours

Many people are tuned in to twitter during the work week and during work hours, so you’ll have a better chance of reaching your subjects then.

44 Use a Twitter management tool

Use a Twitter management tool

Use a tool like Tweet Deck/TweetsGuru to easily organize your groups, updates and more, so that your research doesn’t get lost.

45 Use a variety of Twitter directories

Use a variety of Twitter directories

You’ll encounter some repetition, but by using several different Twitter directories, you’ll also stumble across new people who can help you.

46 Stay organized

Stay organized

It can be hard to keep up with all the tweets, replies and updates from everyone you’re following, so use groups, alerts and other tools to organize it all.

47 Use Twitter Signature

Use Twitter Signature

Include your twitter profile link in your email and forums signature. Nowadays it is common to include link of blog RSS feed and links to various social media profiles in the email signature.

48 Use Twitter Widgets and Badges

Use Twitter Widgets and Badges

Instead of displaying a plain text link in your sidebar, use twitter widgets and badges to grab attention of the visitors. Various social media sites allow the use of custom HTML to enrich the user profile.   Take advantage of any such option and use twitter widgets in your various social media accounts to drive people to your twitter profile.

49 Follow Authentic People

Follow Authentic People

Don’t engage in any get hundreds of followers quickly schemes. Follow people you’re already friends with on other social networks. Then grow your Twitter verse as you get comfortable.

50 Mix Your Tweet Types

Mix Your Tweet Types

Do not restrict yourself to tweeting out informative links or indulging in pointless babble. Use a mix of tweets that are status updates, links, re tweets, questions, and self-promotions for your blog posts.

51 Use Recommendations

Use Recommendations

Recommendations are a great way to discover and be discovered. The most popular method on Twitter is the #Follow Friday hash tag.   Like everything else in social media, the more you give, the more you get, so if you like this method, use it to give recommendations to others.

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