How to write an SEO Guest Post What to Include in the article?

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If you want to get your website found online, then you are going to need to produce some SEO content. SEO content has been designed especially for the search engines. We are not going to lie to you here. Producing SEO Guest Post Content is simple. The real difficulty is producing an article which is not only good for the search engines, but also good for a potential reader. Thankfully, you have us to give you a nudge in the right direction.


Right at the start you are going to need to have some keywords. How you go about your keyword research is up to you. Since we are going to be making a length SEO article, you will need to have a few keywords. Maybe 4-5 keywords. Obviously, you are going to want to ensure that they are relevant to one another. You will need to slide them into that article, after all.


Once you have your keywords, you can start to plan the content that you are writing. If you can think back to when you were planning essays at school, this is the type of thing that you are going to want to do. Plan each section of the article and bullet point what you want to write about in each section. It does not need to be the ‘craziest’ plan in the world by any stretch of the imagination. We just find that producing a plan gives you enough guidance to produce a quality article.

If there are any sections of your plan which may require research, then carry that out now. Your whole goal is to draw up a few research notes that you will be able to use. Again, nothing too intensive at this stage as you are really just trying to make things easier for yourself going forward.

How long should your article be?

Generally speaking, you are going to want to aim for an article which is at least 1,000 words. However, if you can fit in more, then that helps too. Nowadays, it is the longer articles which seem to do best in the search engine rankings. In the past, if somebody told you to write an article for SEO, then it would be 500-words or so. Not anymore! Remember; the longer an article is, the more information that you will be able to pack into it. The search engines will see this information as incredibly useful too.

Writing the article

The actual writing process should be the easiest thing to do for you. In our opinion, the best way to write an article is to just write it. Do not focus too much on what you are doing at the start. Stick to your plan and produce content. You are not going to be posting what you are producing right at the start, don’t worry! You are going to be editing it down shortly. You just want to get those ideas down on paper. If you spend too long thinking about what you write, the content is never going to end up all that good, which is not ideal.

Editing the article

Now we can start to edit down that article. There are a few things to do at this stage:

  • The first is to break everything down into paragraphs. You should have a title for the different sections. Basically, you are going to be making this content more readable. If you can, then you should try and include some of your identified keywords in the title of each paragraph. It is really going to help on an SEO level.
  • As you are going through your content, trim out anything which does not really need to be said. Each and every word that you write on that page needs to be useful. If you do not think that it is going to be useful to the person reading, then it needs to be cut out. Simple as that.
  • Check for grammar issues.
  • Start to incorporate your keywords into your content. You will want to have your main keyword phrase in both the first and last paragraph of your content. However, it is important that you do not go overboard with the keywords that you are incorporating into the content. Many people do. However, when you go overboard, not only does it not read well for your readers, but the search engines are going to see it as a spam article and you are not going to get ranked in the searches!

What should you include in your SEO content?

Your content should always include hyperlinks to external websites. Three to four over 2,000 words of content should be fine. Make sure that you select hyperlinks which are relevant to what you are writing about. Never use too many links or your website will look like a ‘link farm’ and you are going to find it difficult to get ranked in the search engines.

You are also going to need to include some images. Make sure that you select images which are in a ‘web ready’ format e.g. jpeg or gif. Images help to break down your content. While the actual content of the image can’t be read by the search engines, it is important to note that the image can appear in Google image search, which can increase your chances of your website being found!

Finishing touches

Finishing touches will include coming up with a catchy title for your content. Not only do you want the title to include your keywords, but you also want to make sure that it is going to grab the attention of your potential reader.

At the same time, since you are producing an article for SEO, you want to make sure that it has a quality Meta Tag in place. If you do not know how to produce these, there are plenty of guides online that you can use.

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